Hosting of Digital Marketing Center (DMC) in CROC's Cloud

Personal Data Cloud

Project objective

Ensure compliance with the law on personal data.


DMC is the digital marketing platform in the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud. According to Teradata, the main reason behind the migration of the Digital Marketing Center is to ensure compliance with new amendments to the law on personal data. This law came into effect on September 1, 2015, and explicitly includes parameters for registering, storing, updating and searching for such personal data.


  • Located in Russia
  • Easy-to-scale infrastructure for the benefit of Teradata customers
  • Fast service migration
  • No need to purchase equipment
Volker Wiewer, Vice President, International Region, Teradata Marketing Applications
The new Russian law creates an opportunity for companies doing business in Russia to leverage digital marketing technology to drive revenue. This is why Teradata Marketing Applications, together with our partner CROC, have built up the technical capabilities for our DMC customers. Customers doing business in Russia will quickly realize the benefits of our cloud solution and at the same time be in compliance with the new legislation.