IT Infrastructure Migration to Russia

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Project objective

Migrate the customer's IT infrastructure from abroad to ensure compliance with Russian legislation that governs processing of Russian buyers' personal data.


Hoff, a furniture and home accessories hypermarket chain, has migrated its entire IT infrastructure of 10 IT systems, including ERP, corporate email, file resources, internal portals, and POSs, from Austria to Russia The customer chose CROC's cloud as an initial platform for the hosting of information systems. An audit and step-by-step plan development preceded the migration. Then, the retailer's key application, a database collecting information about all chain stores and buyers, was deployed using removable media provided by the customer. CROC engineers synchronized the above database with that in the Austrian original data center to make sure that information was up to date. Given how critical the ERP system is to Hoff’s business, CROC switched the database from the foreign to the Russian server in just one night. At the final phase of migration, emergency data center failover was tested according to CROC's methodology. As a result, the whole process (during a business day!) took just 15 minutes, with over 600 Hoff office employees working as usual directly afterwards.


  • Processing Russian buyers' personal data in compliance with the legislation
  • Disaster recovery plan developed
  • Optimized IT infrastructure expenses thanks to monthly payments
Denis Rudakov, IT Director, Hoff
Previously, we used physical equipment, but a virtual environment has its own specifics. For instance, we had to additionally optimize and configure databases in the cloud so that the systems could smoothly operate in a new environment. CROC performed this job successfully, thus ensuring the high fault tolerance of our information systems.