Hosting of infrastructure and business services in hybrid cloud

CROC Сloud
IT system migration

Project objective

Getting desired flexibility, streamlining IT administration, and optimizing service support costs.


ECCO spent six months migrating business-critical services step-by-step from its premises to CROC Cloud. These included ERP, 1C-based financial system, analytical reporting system, e-mail and file services, as well as databases. Based on application operation specifics and architecture, the customer opted for either a public cloud or server equipment in CROC’s data center. Stable service operation and quick data replication were ensured by arranging a direct communication channel between the two sites.


  • Quick expansion of computing capacity during peak loads

  • Cloud-powered operational reliability and continuity

  • Transparent resource management

Dmitry Batsyuro, CIO, ECCO in Russia
"As part of ECCO’s global business, we follow internal standards and therefore host critical services in outsourcing data centers under professional operation. When choosing a provider, we consider its market reputation, data center specifications, operational reliability and continuity as evidenced by international certificates, and a customer-oriented approach. We have never had even the slightest doubt about our choice while working with CROC Cloud."