Moving Payment System to CROC's Cloud and Certification for Compliance with PCI DSS

CROC Сloud

Project objective

Ensure business process flexibility and strong protection of cloud services.


In order to meet bank card security requirements for a cloud environment, Platbox initiated CROC's Virtual Data Center auditing for compliance with PCI DSS standard. The audit was performed by Digital Compliance, a Digital Security subsidiary which provides information security compliance services to financial institutions and payment systems. Upon completion of the audit, Platbox received a certificate confirming strong protection of its cloud services.


  • Ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Additional protection against unauthorized access to cloud resources through a two-stage authentication process
  • Use of strict SLAs to regulate the responsibility of CROC
Anton Kuranda, CIO at Platbox
We conducted a tender and considered another large cloud provider as well. However, eventually CROC was selected. Contrary to its competitor, CROC offered disk arrays with guaranteed high performance of up to 100,000 IOPS. Such capacity is absolutely a must for us to provide high-quality services to our customers in view of the multi-million volume and dynamic growth of transactions.