IT Infrastructure Migration to Cloud

CROC Сloud
Personal Data Cloud

Project objective

Ensure its reliable operation of the entire office infrastructure and cut IT CapEx.


CROC’s cloud now hosts the company’s entire back office infrastructure, such as file services, terminal and application servers, as well as some front-office systems, including their 1C-based financial system.


  • Uninterrupted operation of a cloud platform
  • Flexible cloud management allowing the customer to save up to 50% on power bills
  • Quick migration of IT systems ‘as is’ without any additional upgrade
Lyudmila Butakova, IT Director, Swed-Mobil.
“To gain a competitive edge and increase our operating income, we focus on anti-crisis projects and more effective customer relations, while also improving aftersale services and cross sales. At the same time, we want to drop the dead weight of non-core functions, including IT, and free up resources for business development. That is why we opted for cloud services,”