Network Infrastructure Monitoring System in CROC's Cloud

CROC Сloud
IT infrastructure monitoring

Project objective

Optimize network infrastructure management costs and minimize time required to pinpoint network failures and errors.


A high-speed network monitoring and support system was deployed within CROC's public cloud.


  • Now diagnosis of a typical network problem takes 10-15 minutes instead of an hour
  • 60% reduction in network management costs
  • Reduced business losses from communication channel downtime
  • Better coordination of customer's and telecom operator's support services
  • Higher quality communication services
Alexander Kornyukhov, Head of Information Systems Department, Mondelēz Rus
"CROC's involvement in the project to increase the efficiency and speed up network failure diagnosis and recovery has improved the coordination between the customers’ and telecom operator's support services. Higher service quality was noticed not only by our IT professionals but also by people from key business functions who are not familiar with network technology details and ITIL processes. Perhaps, this is the best appreciation of the work we've done jointly with CROC."