Migration of SAP business-critical systems to data center

SAP as a Service

Project objective

Cut outsourced infrastructure maintenance costs.


Pharmstandard, Russia's largest pharmaceutical manufacturer, has decided to migrate its critical SAP business systems to CROC Cloud Services data center, thus moving ERP, warehouse management, production planning, analytical data storage, and forecasting systems to a new site. Design, procurement, equipment commissioning, test migrations and, finally, the launch of services in a new data center were completed in a record-breaking period of three months, when it usually takes at least half a year.


  • Uninterrupted performance of SAP business applications
  • Support costs cut in half
  • Improved infrastructure performance
  • Higher service quality
Evgeny Golikov, Pharmstandard
"Six months of working closely with CROC Cloud Services further highlights that we have chosen a new service provider wisely. Our technical experts have noticed that service quality has dramatically improved when it comes to interaction with technical support service, feedback, and a proactive approach”