Hosting of Business-Critical Systems in CROC Cloud

Project objective

Compliance with Russian personal data legislation and flexible resource management.


FM Logistic, a French family business, has to store and process personal data of their customers and partners not in European data centers, but in the territory of Russia only. To ensure legal compliance, the company hosts its e-commerce system Magento, client personal accounts, and warehouse management system (all containing personal data) in CROC Cloud, while both enjoying compliance and providing business with computing capacity on demand.


  • Constant fast speed in business
  • Continuous service availability
  • Extra capacity at peak loads
  • Increased workforce mobility
Ivan Tochilov, Manager of SCM Systems Team, FM Logistic
"BluJay TMS, one of our key systems, now supports some 25% of the company's business in Russia. It is the cloud that gives us the flexibility to expand capacity and ensure continuous service availability. FM Logistic has enjoyed this expansion option several times since migration. Now, system resources are totally ready for peak loads in line with the top management’s task of drastic sales growth in Russia and Eastern Europe."