Warehouse Management System Hosted in CROC's Cloud

CROC Сloud

Project objective

Ramp up the number of WMS users in line with business growth and reduce resource consumption during a recession without service quality degradation.


The customer decided to host the business-critical, automated warehouse management system (WMS Matrena) in CROC's cloud in order to ensure the provision of a reliable and high service level with small one-off investments—an option that would not be possible if the customer were to opt to build its own IT infrastructure.


  • Avoiding significant IT infrastructure investments during a period of rapid business growth and economic uncertainty
  • Eliminating the risks of excessive or, on the contrary, insufficient infrastructure spending
  • Using high-performance and fault-tolerant infrastructure
Anton Dorofeev, Director General, STA Cargo
As a modern, forward-looking company leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we are not only a consumer but also an active developer of business automation solutions. As a result, the cloud advantages were clear to us and we did not face a dilemma as to whether to build our own infrastructure or use a cloud. The answer was simple.