Tutu.ru hosting in CROC's cloud

CROC Сloud

Project objective

Accelerate product roll-out.


The cloud’s high performance can be attributed to all-flash arrays and network equipment with 10 Gbps throughput capacity, allowing for service development without timeouts and proactive provisioning of new resources when load increases. Moreover, the customer can easily manage cloud resources via Amazon Web Services API and automatically change cloud landscape using the Terraform utility.


  • High-speed customer service and rapid responsiveness to dynamic market changes
  • Disaster tolerance
  • Reduced IT expenses
Dmitry Khrapov, founder of Tutu.ru.
«Customer satisfaction levels remain above the market average thanks to efforts to continuously improve service quality, keep an eye on new trends, and expand our offering. For instance, we have recently developed Russia’s first app offering plane, train and bus tickets in one place. We are now expanding our technological capabilities with the help of cloud services as well»