Online catalog hosting in CROC’s Cloud

CROC Сloud

Project objective

Launch an online product catalog for Russian customers to place their orders anytime, anywhere, and from any digital device, with almost all items being available for online ordering, and provide continuous monitoring and technical support.


CROC adapted and hosted the Castorama’s Russian online catalog in a fault-tolerant cloud infrastructure based on its own data centers being awarded Tier III Gold Certification for Operational Sustainability by the Uptime Institute. Availability of the retailer’s website is monitored by an open-source managed service while CROC’s IT specialists respond to business-critical incidents within 10 minutes, thus ensuring that the Castorama’s catalog is up and running at all times. The customer enjoys technical support from CROC on a single-point-of-contact basis. As the cloud infrastructure is tailored to the Castorama developers’ needs, new services for the online catalog can be added dramatically faster.


  • Online catalog availability to buyers, even during peak loads
  • Effective management of IT operation costs
  • Monitoring and preventing of probable issues
  • Quick response by support engineers
  • Quick launch of new online catalog services
Dmitry Fedorov, IT Director, Castorama
The project required step-by-step coordination and the establishment of efficient communications among our partners, internal business units, and foreign contractors. The cohesive performance of CROC’s project team guarantees continuous availability of this online service to our customers. CROC adapted the website to the cloud, designed a fault-tolerant cloud infrastructure, and implemented monitoring of business-critical components. The solution architecture proposed by CROC has made our business more digital, provided us with powerful OPEX management tools, and ensured proper efficiency and reliability.