Transaction system migration to CROC's Cloud

CROC Сloud

Project objective

Ensure fault-tolerance of business-critical systems, while reducing operational risks and equipment costs.


Migration to CROC’s cloud helped UNISTREAM Bank (which also operates a money transfer system of the same name) cut IT costs and reduce risks related to the operation of resource-intensive business-critical databases and applications. Thanks to the migration to CROC’s cloud, UNISTREAM now only pays for IT resources actually consumed and is also free to modify the amount of provisioned computing capacity at any time. CROC successfully migrated the bank’s transaction system within a tight timeframe and without stopping key business processes.


  • Reduced IT expenses
  • Reduced risks related to resource-intensive system operation
  • Solid IT base to implement bank’s business strategy
  • Easy computing capacity extension during peak loads
  • Ability to test new business systems and automate operations without purchasing extra IT equipment
  • Guaranteed infrastructure availability of at least 99.982%
Alexey Emelyanov, Head of Information Technology Function, UNISTREAM Bank.
«The cloud migration project resulted in a reliable platform with large computing capacity potential and well-developed infrastructure to ensure backup and disaster tolerance. As a result, UNISTREAM Bank now has a solid IT base to pursue its business strategy»