Cloud contact center

CROC Сloud

Project objective

Improve the quality of client service and make sure that each and every call is accepted and effectively processed.


CROC deployed the customer contact center in its cloud in just a few days.
The Tretyakov Gallery’s cloud contact center has nine agents who process 7,000+ calls every month.


  • Reduced load on call center agents: Thanks to IVR functionality, callers can obtain information about museum operation by pressing a phone key corresponding to a subject they are interested in (e.g. tickets or exhibition working time). If a caller has any additional questions, they will be transferred to an agent.
  • Better call processing thanks to the conversation recording subsystem being used to evaluate agent consultation quality.
  • The reporting system helps monitor agent performance and effectively manage agent load, as well as enables a contact center supervisor to access information about every agent in real time, including the number of processed calls, average conversation duration, response waiting time, and much more.
  • The reporting system also analyzes call topics to identify the most popular exhibitions and expos in order to bring the IVR subsystem in line with people’s interests.
  • The cloud contact center is provided to the State Tretyakov Gallery as a managed service for a monthly fee, with CROC’s highly qualified specialists being fully responsible for its development, management, and technical support on a 24/7 basis.
Tatyana Mrdulyash, Deputy Director General for Development, State Tretyakov Gallery.
«We want our guests to be able to easily reach us. The Tretyakov Gallery holds many exhibitions and scientific and educational events, and we therefore receive hundreds of calls every day about everything, from booking a guided tour to participation in joint Russian and foreign projects. CROC helped us promptly create a contact center capable of providing high-quality information and consultation services»