Video consultation platform hosting in CROC’s cloud

CROC Сloud
Personal Data Cloud

Project objective

Make a website and app available to users, even when running at peak loads, and handle a large number of concurrent video sessions, with all the above being possible thanks to a high-performance infrastructure of CROC’s cloud.


The service is hosted on the CROC cloud platform, thus providing flexible capacity scaling. The fact that the protected segment of CROC’s cloud fully complies with Federal Law 152-FZ and other personal data storage and processing regulations ensures the cybersecurity of both the hosted web service and app. The cloud platform is powered by CROC’s data centers, including Kompressor Data Center, which is certified for TIER III compliance by the Uptime Institute, the global leader in establishing standards for fault-tolerant data center design, construction, and operation.


  • Guaranteed service continuity;
  • High-quality video consultations for end users, even in case of multiple concurrent sessions;
  • Support of the company’s plans to acquire new users and expand to national level;
  • Compliance with effective legislation
Sergey Gilev, CIO, Telemed Help.
«We were searching for a reliable cloud solution to make our website and app available to users, even when running at peak loads, with one of the key requirements being a high-performance infrastructure capable of handling a large number of concurrent video sessions. Thanks to CROC’s cloud, TelemedHelp service is available to users anytime on both desktops and mobile gadgets»