Hosting in CROC's Cloud of approximately 40 systems, from infrastructure services to applications

CROC Сloud

Project objective

Consolidate the entire infrastructure using a single cloud platform.


Before moving the customer’s infrastructure and IT systems, CROC Cloud Services performed an audit, provided consultations on architectural solutions, and then ran functional and load tests over a period of two months, thus eliminating any challenges that could arise in the course of IT infrastructure migration and further operation in the cloud. As a result, all key IT systems were launched in the cloud within one weekend.


  • Revising all key processes and consolidating services using a single cloud platform
  • Using a highly cost-effective IT management model
  • Unlocking additional growth opportunities
Evgeny Grudinin, Deputy Director General for IT, Grain Holding
Once we calculated how much it would cost to build our own data center, the cloud turned out to be the best option, providing necessary flexibility, more reliable production and lower infrastructure-related costs. Now, we are also planning to implement the Digital Enterprise concept in CROC’s cloud