IT Infrastructure Migration to CROC's Cloud

CROC Сloud

Project objective

Ensure uninterrupted IT infrastructure operation and optimize related costs.


In mid-2015, Rusagro started moving its entire Moscow office and data center. The new rented business center did not have enough space for redundant power supply units and therefore could not guarantee uninterrupted infrastructure operation—a situation that represented a financial and reputational risk for the company. In addition, computing equipment was close to the end of its service life. Therefore, upon consideration of high fault-tolerance requirements, the customer decided to move its IT infrastructure to CROC's cloud. Migration was performed within a tight time frame and was preceded by an audit of the customer's IT infrastructure which resulted in a list of recommendations on which services should be moved first and which should be abandoned as superfluous. In addition, the CROC team, jointly with the customer's representatives, designed a new network infrastructure for the part being moved to the cloud in order to prevent any service operation issues in the future.


  • Fault-tolerant operation of the customer's IT systems in Moscow and geographically distributed offices
  • No CapEx associated with purchasing new IT equipment and looking for suitable space
  • Optimized services of the customer's IT infrastructure
  • Transformation of CapEx into OpEx
Pavel Kudryavtsev, Head of Technical Support and IT System Administration Department, Rusagro
Remarkably, we became convinced in the public cloud's fault tolerance, even at the migration stage. Having moved the systems supporting regional offices, we suddenly faced a backbone communication link failure in the old building. Unlike the Moscow office, which had not yet migrated at the time of the accident, regional offices continued to operate normally by connecting to cloud-based IT systems.