Deploying Corporate Websites and Online Stores for Large Retail Customers in CROC's Cloud

CROC Сloud

Project objective

Ensure more reliable infrastructure of websites being developed.


MediaNation develops, optimizes, and promotes web applications, and is responsible for both uninterrupted access to customer websites and high speed of services. To that end, CROC guarantees high performance of computing resources used by MediaNation to deliver its services—a commitment which, along with website optimization performed by MediaNation, ensures both a fast response to customers' requests and continuous availability of online resources.


  • Online resources operate in the cloud six times faster than before
  • Ensuring compliance with the Russian personal data law
  • Highly qualified customer support and quick response to incidents
Alexey Galchenko, Technical Director, MediaNation
"Together with our partner CROC, we are able to meet customer requirements to service reliability and speed. MediaNation is responsible for end-to-end website development and promotion over search engines, while CROC provides infrastructure, which, as we already know, completely matches the stated parameters such as 99.9% uptime, or, in other words, no online resource failures."