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Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

"The number of remote services increases every year. Moreover, the majority of functions such as loan request execution, cash crediting to bank cards, and credit calculation are already available online. To deal with increasing IT load, we opted for the hosting of certain non-core services in a public cloud, thus reducing capital expenditure and reallocating funds among mission critical tasks," said Kirill Kibalko, Director of IT Department, Bistrodengi.

Project objective: Adopt a pay-as-you-go model and expand computing capacity in just several minutes in the case of a rush of customers.

Solution: To support its business critical processes, Bistrodengi decided to adopt a hybrid cloud. As a result, its mission critical applications, including a loan processing cycle automation system, are hosted in the private cloud built by CROC, with all reliability and security aspects under the customer’s control, while the customer's cloud connection to CROC's public cloud (Virtual Data Center) allows the financial organization to quickly expand computing resources during peak loads. IT services hosted in private and public clouds are united by CROC in a single network environment, thus increasing data transfer speed and improving the performance of applications.


  • Strict control over current IT costs
  • Flexible infrastructure management
  • Rapid launch of new services
  • Guaranteed continuous access to client services

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