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Corporate Email Deployment in CROC's Virtual Data Center

Corporate Email Deployment in CROC's Virtual Data Center

"CROC's reputation as a cloud service provider is much better than that of our local subcontractor. Over the years of our cooperation with CROC, we've been certain about their reliable infrastructure and the high skill level of their specialists and we always rely on CROC's Helpdesk to promptly resolve all our cloud issues," said Oleg Goltsov, Head of IT Department, UECC.

Project objective: Adopt more cost-effective and fault-tolerant computing capacity distribution for corporate email and unified communications.

Before migrating to CROC's Virtual Data Center, e-mail systems used UECC's own server equipment colocated in a data center of a local service provider. Since the equipment was close to the end of its service life, the fault-tolerance of computing infrastructure and quality of service ceased to meet the customer's high requirements.

For the most effective IT infrastructure upgrade possible and optimization of relevant expenses, UECC decided to move its corporate email and unified communications to CROC's Virtual Data Center.


  • Company now pays for actually consumed computing resources each month instead of non-core capital expenditure for equipment procurement and upgrade
  • Fast expansion of computing resources for projects, without expensive equipment upgrade
  • More reliable and fault-tolerant infrastructure
  • Guaranteed prompt technical support by cloud service provider

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