Kirill Boyko

Development Team Lead
Responsibilities: day-to-day and ad-hoc management of a development team, project work planning and organization, and reporting to a product owner

Track record:

  • Total employment with CROC: 9 years
  • Participation in a large in-house project involving integration bus deployment and further improvement, as well as the development of an ITSM system and related CROC proprietary product (Service Management System)
  • Since 2016, Kirill has led CROC Cloud Service development team
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31 january 2022
Managed Services vs PaaS: Pros and Cons
The cloud market is trending towards simplifying solutions for end users. The most compelling evidence is PaaS, estimated to experience a 20-30% revenue growth over the past year. However, it's not a panacea at the moment.
5 minutes