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26 august 2020
Peculiarity of Personal Data Protection in the Cloud
There are still many myths about cloud services. The most persistent ones are associated with the enterprise information security and risk of unauthorized access by insiders and competitors. There is no smoke without fire: reputation of the entire cloud market was tainted by hosting providers and free file-sharing networks that do not adequately protect their cloud environments. Just recall the stories of massive data leaks from hacked iCloud and Dropbox.
4 minutes
24 may 2018
How Provider Tried to Lock in Our Customer
A rather short and funny story faced by our customer in real life. One day an IT infrastructure provider decided to move its data center, with a 3-day downtime to follow. All customers were notified six months in advance but due to all the provider’s fuss and red tape some of them couldn’t get prepared on time.
8 minutes
23 april 2018
Glusterfs crash test. Our experience
A year ago, our good fellow, colleague and an enterprise storage guru appeared and said: “Hi, guys, I’ve got a cool 90 TB storage with all that fancy features, you know.” I can’t say we needed it too much, but it would have been rather stupid to refuse. So we configured a couple of backups and forgot about it.
17 minutes
28 march 2018
How we started building our cloud in 2009 and what pitfalls we fell into
In October 2009, we checked everything once again. We were to build an 800-rack data center. Our decision was backed up by our intuition, local market forecasts, and U.S. market analytics. It sounded logical enough but still we were a bit nervous as cloud computing or cloud hosting was a new thing for the Russian market that time...
7 minutes