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CNews: CROC Cloud demonstrates the best quality of service in the Russian market

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In October 2020, CNews published a cloud provider service quality rating based on multiple criteria. CROC Cloud Services was ranked first, outracing seven other companies with RUB 1.5+ billion in annual revenue.

CNews surveyed providers to assess the quality of service among all key cloud market players, including system integrators, data center operators, and IT companies from neighboring sectors with similar size of the 2019 revenue. The survey was conducted as part of a tender for CNews IT infrastructure hosting in a public environment and concerned almost 20 parameters divided into three categories: Customer Focus, Technical Specifications, and Organization Features. 

CROC Cloud Services leads the rating with a total score of 1.32. The second place (1.06) is shared by three providers falling well behind the leader. CNews emphasizes high KPIs of CROC Cloud as verified during demo access, availability of own data centers with TIER III “Gold Certification of Operational Sustainability”, information security certificates, ease of use, and friendliness of the operating staff. 

According to the publishers, such a rating helps identify the most professional community members and evidences a keen competition in one of the most dynamic segments of the IT market. Such a competition pushes providers to continuously improve the variety and quality of service, as well as infrastructure resiliency. 

“Customer and provider relationships are built on trust. This is why, our almost 12-year history is about making each customer confident in CROC Cloud as a competent and reliable business partner that can be entrusted with the most sophisticated and critical tasks. Our development strategy is based on two principles. First, we are continuously improving our operations ensuring faster response, higher expertise, and wider service offering, including consulting. Second, we are enhancing our technology basis, making CROC Cloud more efficient, adaptable, and stable,” said Maxim Berezin, Business Development Director, CROC Cloud Services.

About CROC Cloud Services

CROC Cloud Services is a standalone CROC business unit that offers cloud services, managed В2В services, and commercial off-the-shelf products. The unit specializes in hosting and supporting business-critical customer services based on CROC’s proprietary platform and data centers, which are compliant with Uptime Institute Tier III “Gold Certification of Operational Sustainability” standard. In addition, the company is one of Russia’s Top 6 IaaS providers and No. 1 in cloud service quality (CNews, 2020), as well as the most mature cloud service provider (TAdviser, 2018), offering the number one cloud platform in terms of flexibility and ease of use (TAdviser, 2017). Consequently, over 550 industry leaders entrust their services to CROC Сloud.

28 april 2022
CROC Cloud Gets Faster with NVIDIA GPUs
CROC Cloud Services now offers NVIDIA GPUs to drastically accelerate computing-intensive jobs. GPU-as-a-Service is based on VM instances with NVIDIA GPU and billed monthly on the pay-as-you-go model. Users are fully supported 24/7.
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28 march 2022
CROC Cloud Services Records Skyrocketing Number of Customer Requests
In the first two weeks of March, CROC Cloud Services received a 960% more requests YoY. With IT equipment shipments being on hold, companies seek for available means to maintain business processes and upgrade infrastructure. The customers of the five sectors account for 80% of requests, including finance (28%), IT with online service developers (17%), retail (15%), manufacturing (11%), and logistics (9%).
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30 october 2020
CROC Maintains Cisco Gold Partner Status
IT company CROC has yet again confirmed its Cisco Gold Certified Partner status, the highest Cisco Channel Partner Program level, thus demonstrating superior customer satisfaction and proven capabilities to provide service and support Cisco products and solutions. In addition, CROC has renewed its Master status under the Cisco Cloud and Managed Services Program.
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7 october 2020
Clouds Win Over Logistics
Maxim Berezin: “Many logistics companies turn to clouds to ensure, among other things, corporate information safekeeping and protection.”
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