CROC Cloud Updates

Cloud hub and other updates of CROC Cloud

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CROC Cloud can now be used as a central hub to securely connect remote sites via VPN.

You no longer need to directly interconnect all remote offices for data exchange – just connect them to the cloud. If you use BGP, then you can simply connect all VPNs to the same VPC to create a hub, and the traffic will be automatically routed between them. If BGP is not used, configure static routing.

Inside a VPN, only eBGP routing protocol can be configured to exchange route information (iBGP is no longer supported). If you use a VPN to connect VPCs in CROC Cloud, the interconnected VPCs must have different BGP autonomous system numbers.

Other new features

  • CloudTrail now supports remote console logging. The activity log records information about who opened the console and when, and who granted access to whom.

  • The list of resources that can be tagged in the web interface is continuously growing. It has been replenished with network interfaces, snapshots, security groups, and Elastic IP. The resource creation wizards now offer the Tags step, while the resource pages contain the corresponding tab. Tags can be displayed as columns in the resource tables. For details about using tags, please refer to the documentation.

  • We hope you have appreciated the opportunity to connect VMs to multiple subnets. These connections are now displayed on the network map.

  • For projects with many resources, instances are now searched for and displayed in the web interface much faster.

  • Information about external networks is displayed on the subnet pages and in the subnet table.

  • A limit on the Bucket size (GiB) is added to the Quotas.

If you have any questions or comments on cloud updates and performance, please contact us via support portal or email at

25 may 2022
CROC Cloud May Update
You can now create snapshots from volume versions, increase volume size in Kubernetes and filter resources by main parameters.
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