CROC Cloud Updates

Databases available as a service in the CROC Cloud

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Databases are now available as a CROC Cloud service. The new PaaS service allows you to reduce the time for deploying a cloud database to just a few minutes.

The beta version of the service supports three popular database management systems: MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Redis. This is a non-exhaustive list: we plan to actively expand it based on your suggestions.

The service takes advantage of three independent Availability Zones in the CROC Cloud. When you choose a high-availability cluster configuration for a database, the cluster nodes are automatically distributed across all Availability Zones, thus ensuring failover for mission-critical workloads.

Now, MariaDB 10.1-10.5, Percona 5.7 and 8.0, PostgreSQL 9.6, 10, 11 and 12, and Redis 5 and 6 can be deployed.

We appreciate your opinion about the new service and welcome your ideas on what should be improved or added. We would be most grateful if you send your feedback and suggestions via the support portal or email to with the #DBaaS hashtag. Your feedback will help us make the service more functional and useful.

We offer maintenance services for cloud databases as well. If you do not want to bother with database administration, then entrust its support to us. Write to us at, and we will tell you about all possible options.

25 may 2022
CROC Cloud May Update
You can now create snapshots from volume versions, increase volume size in Kubernetes and filter resources by main parameters.
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