CROC Cloud Updates

Integrated database monitoring and other CROC Cloud updates

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We would like to share our latest updates and some immediate plans.

Integrated database monitoring

Databases in the CROC Cloud can be run with pre-installed monitoring agents to monitor resource utilization, performance, and other PaaS service parameters.

To install monitoring agents, simply select the Install monitoring agents option when you create a database in the wizard. You can use the Zabbix and Prometheus monitoring servers to get information from agents. How to connect them is described in the documentation

We plan to implement monitoring as a PaaS service, so that the other PaaS services will be monitored automatically in the future.

Renaming templates

Without an urgent need, we strive not to change the cloud terms to which the users get used to. However, we decided to bring the terminology in line with the generally accepted and already used in our API to make the terms in the web interface clearer and avoid confusion due to the expected appearance of new resources in the cloud. Shortly, Templates are now called Images. Don't get confused!

Relocating the VPC dropdown for subnets and network interfaces 

The VPC dropdown for subnets and network interfaces was moved from the top navigation bar to the filter block of the corresponding service as it was previously done for instances. The transfer of the dropdown allows you to independently switch contexts to display different VPC-related resources. 

You can view the subnets or network interfaces of a particular VPC or display all the resources of the current project in the appropriate section. The information about VPC to which a resource belongs can be found in the VPC column in the resource table or on Information tab in the resource page.

We also plan to relocate the VPC dropdown for route tables, ACLs, security groups and external networks in the near future.

25 may 2022
CROC Cloud May Update
You can now create snapshots from volume versions, increase volume size in Kubernetes and filter resources by main parameters.
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