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The new ModifyVolume method is added to EC2 API

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The new ModifyVolume method in EC2 API enhances the integration of Terraform with CROC Cloud.

The new ModifyVolume method enables you to modify volume parameters in the same way as the previous ModifyVolumeAttribute method. For more information, see the documentation.

In addition, some volume statuses have been changed. If a volume is attached to an instance, then its status is now always in-use regardless of the VM state (the previous status running has been deleted). In addition, if a volume fails, then its status is shown as error instead of failed like before. You can use DescribeVolumes to check the volumes' current statuses.

Thanks to the new ModifyVolume method and status unification, Terraform users can now increase volume size and change IOPS rate, regardless of the volume status.

If you use the Python library boto2 to work with EC2 API, then you should update it to be able to use ModifyVolume. You can find the latest library edition in the repository.

ModifyVolumeAttribute will be available for a month after the announcement, but we advise you to incorporate changes into your automation tools in advance to avoid problems in the future. 

If you need further assistance, please contact us.

25 may 2022
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