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2 february 2022
Choosing the Securest IaaS
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) has been really taking off with the modest early rise of about 20% followed by a head-spinning increase of more than 40% during the pandemic. Cloud security is, however, open to debate, even despite experts' arguments that there is no reason for concern.
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28 december 2021
Why Do Companies Use Clouds? Evolution of customer needs over the past six months

The end of the year is the time to sum everything up, so we decided to analyze the most remarkable trends of the last two quarters. You might wonder "why this very period but not the whole year?" Here's the answer: starting with the second half of 2021, the worsening chip crisis has extended to almost all the economy sectors. Our research was aimed at evaluating the impact of the chip shortage on cloud business.

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17 december 2021
How Business can Benefit from Microservices

When competition intensifies, time-to-market (TTM) begins to dominate. TTM is the time it takes to make any product or improvement available for sale. Actually, it can also be a feature that accelerates page loading, improves website and app usability, or increases cross-selling.

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26 may 2021
How to Move to New Data Center and Avoid Losing Data?
Cloud services gain in popularity every year. In our estimates, some 70% of large Russian companies have used the cloud or other services based on commercial data centers, at least once. This consumption model has always been good for rapid data transfer from local to the provider’s infrastructure, enabling similarly fast service termination if it is not needed anymore.
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15 march 2021
How to Organize Infrastructure for SAP Systems Efficiently?
The fact that SAP users will have to adopt HANA In-memory DBMS by 2027 spurs upgrade of hardware-and-software complexes underlying SAP landscapes. There are two options here: classic upgrade of on-premise architecture or outsourcing, with TAdviser revealing details of each approach.
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9 february 2021
How do Large Companies Choose Cloud Providers?
Companies no longer doubt that cloud services are required to run business. Their interest in clouds is far more practical now. The coronavirus pandemic and the need to adopt remote work in no time have convinced the latest skeptics and doubters.
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14 january 2021
Cloud Market 2021: Customer Expectations vs. Reality
The year of 2020 challenged all market players, especially when it came to remote work adoption by businesses and governmental organizations, and, ten months after, it is still the case for many of them. Simultaneously, lockdown restrictions raised the demand for online services and online shopping dramatically.
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8 january 2021
Data Center Construction vs. DCaaS: What to Choose and Why?
The data center market capacity of 40,000 racks estimated by iKS-Consulting is just the tip of the iceberg, because public analytical reports rely on information from commercial data center providers only, while those who operate their own enterprise data centers give a few details and only on publicly known cases.
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27 october 2020
Using Clouds to Withstand Crisis
We are living in a rocky year of a global crisis often referred to as new normal. Indeed, who could predict such a storm of business challenges in 2020? The year required transformation of a lot of processes and forced many businesses to shift their focus onto IT and complete transformation journey within weeks, which normally would take years. Sergey Zinkevich, Service Development Director, CROC Cloud Services, will tell how clouds have catalyzed the changes and how they can help resist the crisis.
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28 september 2020
Top Six Cloud Security Mistakes and How to Fix Them
Security is crucial to all cloud environments. Growing popularity of cloud computing is associated with the increasing risk of a data breach. Cloud service providers never stop perfecting their security systems, yet cyber devils never sleep hungry to exploit an ever-widening attack surface. Can we avoid cyberattacks and protect the cloud against threats?
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9 june 2020
Six Cloud Myths: What You Should Know before Migration
Corporate system migration to cloud is not a novelty. Cloud storages are equally attractive to large and small companies, and we all know why. With a cloud, you can forget about hardware procurement and administration, optimize infrastructure and business apps, and minimize service downtime.
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