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Cloud Provider’s Tips on How to Improve Business Efficiency in Short Time

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As the year-end approaches, the traditional holiday shopping season kicks off — the time of year, when a good many of companies experience the ordeal of attracting customers with special offers and sales.

At the same time, shoppers and users of services struggle through website crashes because a spike in demand and high traffic slow down or even halt the hosting performance. There are three things to do if you want to avoid such problems: improve the elasticity of IT architecture to handle increasing loads, make sure to have fault-tolerant hosting, and gain access to a sufficient amount of computing resources.

If your business apps and client services were down at some point on New Year’s Eve, it is high time to learn from it and schedule infrastructure optimization. Though it might sound like a hard work, but in fact, it can be done within a couple of weeks or even less.

Now, what can you actually do within just one or two weeks to boost your business performance?

Share the responsibility

Rather often, your Help Desk can’t fix application system or service malfunction or does it very slowly. Poor qualification is not always the case here. Help Desk might just be understaffed to cope with all tasks fast enough. So it makes sense to share the responsibility with a managed service provider that will support your IT systems and administer your IT infrastructure professionally in line with SLA.

This is best illustrated by Castorama experience. This retailer of DIY and home improvement tools and supplies had a limited headcount in the local office and, therefore, chose to outsource the larger part of infrastructure support — up to the application system level — to a cloud provider. It was all set: the online product catalogue got necessary computing resources, while the client service architecture was optimized on a managed service basis. As a result, Castorama enjoyed faster downloading of its product catalogue pages and better search results. On top of that, the managed monitoring service, which automatically collects data on software bugs, helped to ensure continuous service availability.

Know your contractor

Sometimes, your company already uses hosting services, but the performance is below expectation: SLA violations occur, support quality is patchy — disappointment comes in all shapes and sizes. Such cases urge customers to find a new contractor, more so that migration from one cloud to another is quick and easy: today, systems migrate to a public cloud in a matter of hours.

This was exactly the case with KDL, a clinical diagnostic laboratory network. The company takes matters seriously when it comes to availability of the lab information system, reliable storage, and fast processing of test results. KDL migrated overnight, literally, in just four hours when the workload was the lowest, with no impact on customer experience.

Plan your budget for the future projects

Elastic and cost-effective cloud helps businesses manage expenses wisely, which is especially important if you plan to expand business, i.e. market a new product or even business, while migrating time-consuming and resource-intensive IT development processes to the cloud.

This scenario is largely preferred by young companies: marketplaces, SaaS product developers, product and service aggregators (Qlean cleaning service, for example). They opt for the cloud to get resources quickly (in our case, from 5 to 10 minutes) for the testing of products and systems, as well as DevOps processes. Even such large and mature organizations as banks are also ready to adopt this cloud strategy. They benefit from a secure sandbox where they can develop new client services instead of waiting for donkey’s years once their IT boss approves necessary resource provisioning.

Check your papers

Since regulatory compliance is a must, make sure that your documents are up-to-date and in line with Federal Law 152-FZ «On Personal Data» and Federal Law 242-FZ «On Amending Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation Concerning Information Technology Employment in Healthcare».

To eliminate information security threats, you should use a whole stack of certified protection means and pass inspections on time. If this costs you a great deal of effort, consider migration of the system with personal data to a secured cloud segment already certified for compliance with the regulatory requirements, thus making any future inspection easier.

Think one step ahead

Your infrastructure needs an express check at least, so that you could gain insights into how to boost infrastructure efficiency and speed up services. Actually, it is a good practice to arrange such check-ups before every large migration project, listing the most crucial business processes together with the customer and calculating the TCO. Based on the audit results, we recommend the customer what services and systems to migrate first, deploy on HaaS basis or leave on premise. After all, the customer makes the final decision.

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