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А101 Group Moves Procurement Operations to CROC’s Cloud

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А101, a company engaged in large-scale development in the New Moscow territory, has migrated an e-commerce site, which is used to approve some 5,300 documents from 1,500+ counterparties every month, to CROC’s cloud.

The migration will help ensure more transparent procurement of materials, machinery and associated goods required for the developer’s primary activities, allow for more effective spending, and shape and optimize communications with suppliers.

А101 Group’s e-commerce site has been operating in CROC’s cloud since its launch in early 2017. Since the migration of this key business app to the cloud platform, A101 Group procurement managers and partners have enjoyed a vastly improved user experience, including almost instantaneous document uploading, adjusting and exporting. In addition, A101 Group’s IT team remarked that CROC’s cloud has opened up new opportunities to optimize IT and personnel costs, while ensuring continuous availability of the e-commerce site.

“The operation of the e-commerce site directly affects our overall performance. A quick search for suppliers offering the best product prices helps reduce the cost of construction, while fast approval of contracts enables the company to deliver the site on time and thus fulfill its obligations to customers, investors, and partners. Our global objective is to reduce IT service operation costs while increasing procurement efficiency. Evidently, in the current economic environment, the cloud surpasses the ability of other IT tools to fulfill these tasks,” said Oleg Sorokin, Head of IT Infrastructure Division at IT Department, A101 Group.

Disk arrays and new generation processors guarantee high service performance in the cloud, with procurement procedures being launched in just 1-2 seconds. Furthermore, as cloud infrastructure operation parameters are specified in the SLA, CROC is subject to penalties for even a slight deterioration in specified performance.

To optimize IT spending, the customer pays for consumed resources only, the volume of which may vary. For example, the load on the e-commerce site increases during the launch of new projects and decreases or remains the same in other cases. The cloud allows for automatic hourly load monitoring, with the required capacity either being provisioned or reduced. Moreover, the cloud allows for more flexible technical staff management, since the customer outsources some tasks to the cloud provider and can thus forget about tricky management of dedicated administrators. The quality of CROC’s service provision is detailed in the strict terms of the SLA, which stipulates 99.95% service availability (i.e. maximum 1-hour downtime per month).

The system is continuously available and less exposed to downtime as it is hosted in a cloud based on the distributed network of CROC’s fault-tolerant data centers and uses a communication channel available to the customer which combines four independent telecom carriers.

“One in two of CROC’s cloud customers host their core business services in our cloud. In addition to procurement systems, construction and development companies can also host heavy-load CAD and BIM apps. We strive to constantly improve our cloud performance and build a customer-oriented team, thus fostering an individual and proactive approach to tackling business tasks,” said Maxim Berezin, Cloud Service Development Director, CROC.

About А101 Group

А101 Group, a leading investment and development holding engaged in Russia’s largest urban planning project in the New Moscow territory, has been operating in the domestic real estate market for 25 years and is part of Mikhail Gutseriev’s SAFMAR Group.

А101 Group owns plots of land located on the Kaluga highway, at a distance of 3-23km from the Moscow Ring Road, with a total of 2,500 ha of land being held in the New Moscow territory. Over the five past years, A101 Group invested RUB31.5 billion in construction projects, commissioning a total floor space of 809,000 sq. m and creating 5,000 jobs. In addition, А101 Group pays great attention to the development of social, transport and engineering infrastructure, investing more than RUB2.5 billion in the construction of over 40,000 sq. m of social infrastructure facilities, such as schools and day-care centers.

A101 Group’s projects in the New Moscow territory include Green Line, Spanish Quarters, Scandinavia, Moscow А101, Quarter А101, Indigo, White Nights, Kronburg, Vyazemskoe, etc.

In 2017, the Spanish Quarters residential complex won a prize at Urban Awards 2017 within the Buyer’s Choice category.

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About CROC

CROC was established in 1992 and has been operating in the Russian IT market for over 26 years, ranking among the top 10 IT companies and top 5 consulting businesses in Russia (Expert Rating Agency, 2017) for over 10 years. Moreover, in 2016, the company was among the top 3 Russian IT service (IDC, TAdviser, 2017), systems integration (IDC, 2017), and IaaS (CNews, 2017) providers.

CROC is the number one Russian IT service provider to the energy and manufacturing (Manufacturing Management portal, 2017) and healthcare (CNews, 2017) sectors, and ranks among the top 3 IT service providers to transportation companies (CNews, 2017).

CROC enables digital transformation with its blockchain, Big Data, VR/AR, AI, IoT, and BIM implementations. The company has been evolving Russia's first open-source cloud for almost 10 years since 2009 and is the only systems integrator in the country to operate its own fault-tolerant data centers, which boast Tier III Gold Certification of Operational Sustainability from the Uptime Institute. CROC offers cloud and managed B2B services based on its data centers, including IT infrastructure provisioning and management, creation of cloud-based security operations centers, deployment of video and Wi-Fi analytics for marketing needs, and HR process automation.

CROC’s key competences also include integrated platforms for interstate and interagency interaction; development of software and hardware solutions, mobile apps, and digital platforms for communication with customers; data protection and information security solutions; IT support and IT outsourcing; industrial solutions; large contact centers; networks and communication solutions; Digital Signage; computing suites; data storage optimization; and BIM-enabled engineering infrastructures for buildings and data centers.

CROC develops the Innovation Accelerator to create and fine-tune its proprietary new products and cloud services of potential partners. To streamline customer digital transformation, CROC launched a Digital Enabler service for end-to-end agile engineering and roll-out of unique digital processes, as well as established a consulting force to help customers develop digital products that meet end user needs and shape new digital businesses.

For more information, please contact CROC PR team.

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