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Ekonika Employs CROC Disk for Handy and Secure Internal File Exchange

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Ekonika, one of the largest shoe and accessory retailers in Russia with 140 stores in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, has opted for CROC Disk file sharing service in order to standardize store personnel communications and improve the efficiency of information exchange between headquarters and branches.

CROC provides the service from its cloud, ensuring data security and continuous access to corporate file exchange. CROC’s information security experts emphasize that data often leaks during file sharing (including exchange of big files), a practice with which employees have become accustomed to in many large organizations. As LAN file exchange is usually cumbersome and unstructured, any document search takes a significant amount of time, while ever-increasing file volumes result in soaring storage costs. If a company does not regulate internal file exchange, employees use free file sharing networks, which are exposed to cybersecurity risks — a real threat, as highlighted by several instances of unauthorized access to documents kept there. Such public file hosting services usually lack advanced security, with simple brute force proving sufficient to obtain access.

Unlike public file hosting services, CROC Disk is protected from any and all data leaks and hosted on a cloud platform certified for compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), which means that cloud infrastructure and its operational processes meet one of the world’s strictest information security requirements. CROC’s cloud is protected throughout the perimeter by built-in security tools, including anti-DDoS software, traffic analyzers, and two-factor authentication. To prevent data loss, CROC Disk features backup to two separate data centers. Generally, data security is the service’s key performance indicator regulated by CROC’s strict SLA.

At the same time, CROC Disk is a handy tool that does not require training or special skills thanks to a user-friendly interface and Windows-like folder structure. In contrast to free alternatives, the service allows for directory collaboration and limitation of the number of downloads or file retention period. In addition, CROC Disk is iOS and Android friendly and thus available from mobile devices or via a desktop browser.

With CROC Disk, Ekonika shares internal documents every day, standardizes document exchange between employees, streamlines communications, reduces load on its email system and communication channels, and eliminates the risk of data leakage via public file sharing networks.

The service cost for the customer depends on the number of users only, while the volume of data they host in CROC Disk is actually unlimited. This payment procedure is predictable and convenient for Ekonika’s management, which can now easily forecast corporate file exchange costs.

"To find out whether a corporate file sharing system recommended by management is truly user-friendly, just look to see whether employees prefer to continue using more familiar and straightforward alternatives. Luckily, this was not the case with CROC Disk. Our store managers were positive about the changes, and the new corporate file exchange system was adopted smoothly and seamlessly, with its benefits already being evident: more transparent management of branches and faster decision-making," said Kirill Mityushkin, IT Director, Ekonika. "We opted for CROC Disk primarily because of its cloud capacity, which is far superior to that of competitors in terms of information security, fault tolerance and cloud continuity."

The retailer’s employees from both stores and remote branches have already been using CROC Disk.

"Our customers are interested in CROC Disk for several reasons, including the opportunity to store really heavy video, audio, or CAD files. Therefore, the service is ideal for digital companies, design bureaus and organizations that strive to consolidate file resources and streamline both document and media file sharing," added Sergey Zinkevich, Cloud Service Expert, CROC.

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