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Loqui Business Social Network and Loqui App Now Available in Russia from CROC's Cloud

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Loqui Business international corporate social network and Loqui app for the general public are now available in the Russian market through CROC’s reliable cloud, which ensures stable performance, personal data storage and processing in compliance with Russian legislation, as well as quick deployment of testing environments for developers.

Loqui is a fast-growing Russian-German project powered by built-in geo targeting technology that enables users to see what is happening around them, keep track of news and events, and enjoy shopping, chatting, and meeting each other. Loqui app is available in the App Store. Loqui Business corporate social network is used for personnel communication, collaboration and data exchange, regardless of employee location.

Migration to a fault-tolerant cloud as part of CROC’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering made these services available to Russian users and ensured highly reliable Loqui app performance and continuous 24/7 end user access to Loqui Business network resources. Moreover, Loqui Business network uses CROC’s Virtual Data Center as a platform for Loqui’s own Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) apps provided to corporate users.

«To enter the Russian market, we needed a reliable partner capable of prompt and efficient deployment of our key service components in a cloud in compliance with personal data legal regulations. CROC helped us select the optimal solution to ensure a secure infrastructure running on Russian servers and also offered highly skilled technical support and a transparent billing model. As a result, we decided to partner with this cloud integrator,» — said Dmitry Benz, Founder of Loqui Project.

To improve service manageability and ensure prompt technical support, CROC integrated the customer’s German-based virtual servers storing user media files with CROC’s cloud resources. As a result, Loqui now has a scalable distributed infrastructure and a pool of IT resources to cover any needs of end users and developers, with encryption and guaranteed secure transmission of audio, video, text, and chat content.

Loqui developers are constantly improving service functionality and hence require a high-performance infrastructure. As part of the project, CROC created a unified testing environment with a full copy of basic infrastructure available to the customer’s developers worldwide.

In addition, CROC’s double SLA assures 99.9% server availability and disk performance, thus guaranteeing that Loqui’s services remain stable, even with a growing number of users, while developers can keep working even at peak loads, that usually happen on weekends, and receive technical support no matter what time zone they are based in.

«CROC’s public cloud, based on our own data centers in Russia, is 85% compatible with Amazon Web Services API. As a result, international companies such as Loqui can easily and seamlessly migrate infrastructure components that process personal data of Russian citizens to our cloud via familiar tools. Our cloud has become a flexible and expandable platform for Loqui apps and software. As a result of the project, the customer now has a scalable solution that complies with Russian legislation and provides world-class service quality,» — said Maxim Berezin, Cloud Service Sales Director, CROC.

Loqui management is now considering backup or migration of all infrastructure components from abroad to CROC’s Virtual Data Center in order to improve protection against failure.

About Loqui

Loqui is an international project which was developed by Russian and German specialists over a period of two years. Loqui will be represented in the Russian market by a corporate social network and public app.

Loqui Business creates a comfortable and easy-to-use environment for employee communication and team building. Contrary to intranet solutions available on the market, Loqui Business offers a social network for convenient and effective collaborative performance.

In addition, Loqui offers a multifunctional app for the general public.

Loqui has developed a unique approach to data representation, with all information being distributed by communities and geotags being applied to specific events, locations, goods, services, and news. Therefore, users can easily navigate the space around them, including: places, events, goods and services. Moreover, users can move among communities («rooms») easily and promptly and filter information as needed.

Loqui app is currently available in the App Store, with a web version coming soon and an Android version currently under development.

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About CROC

CROC was established in 1992 and has been operating in the Russian IT market for over 26 years, ranking among the top 10 IT companies and top 5 consulting businesses in Russia (Expert Rating Agency, 2017) for over 10 years. Moreover, in 2016, the company was among the top 3 Russian IT service (IDC, TAdviser, 2017), systems integration (IDC, 2017), and IaaS (CNews, 2017) providers.

CROC is the number one Russian IT service provider to the energy and manufacturing (Manufacturing Management portal, 2017) and healthcare (CNews, 2017) sectors, and ranks among the top 3 IT service providers to transportation companies (CNews, 2017).

CROC enables digital transformation with its blockchain, Big Data, VR/AR, AI, IoT, and BIM implementations. The company has been evolving Russia's first open-source cloud for almost 10 years since 2009 and is the only systems integrator in the country to operate its own fault-tolerant data centers, which boast Tier III Gold Certification of Operational Sustainability from the Uptime Institute. CROC offers cloud and managed B2B services based on its data centers, including IT infrastructure provisioning and management, creation of cloud-based security operations centers, deployment of video and Wi-Fi analytics for marketing needs, and HR process automation.

CROC’s key competences also include integrated platforms for interstate and interagency interaction; development of software and hardware solutions, mobile apps, and digital platforms for communication with customers; data protection and information security solutions; IT support and IT outsourcing; industrial solutions; large contact centers; networks and communication solutions; Digital Signage; computing suites; data storage optimization; and BIM-enabled engineering infrastructures for buildings and data centers.

CROC develops the Innovation Accelerator to create and fine-tune its proprietary new products and cloud services of potential partners. To streamline customer digital transformation, CROC launched a Digital Enabler service for end-to-end agile engineering and roll-out of unique digital processes, as well as established a consulting force to help customers develop digital products that meet end user needs and shape new digital businesses.

For more information, please contact CROC PR team.

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