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CROC’s Cloud Improves Grain Holding’s Operation

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Grain Holding, Russia’s largest flour and bread maker, recently moved its entire infrastructure to CROC’s cloud. The project involved transferring approximately 40 systems, from infrastructure services to applications, ensuring uninterrupted processing of 1,700 tons of grain and production of 250 tons of bakery products per day, as well as timely delivery of goods to 11 million consumers.

Previously, each facility of the holding — four bread-baking complexes and Russia’s most powerful flourmill — had an isolated server room and non-integrated business services (e.g. separate transport route planning system on each site), resulting in high overheads, poor financial and management reporting transparency, as well as protracted shipment and delivery times. To address these challenges, Grain Holding executives decided to revise all key processes and consolidate resources using a cloud platform as a highly cost-effective IT management model.

"Once we calculated how much it would cost to build our own data center, the cloud turned out to be the best option, providing necessary flexibility, more reliable production and lower infrastructure-related costs. Now, we are also planning to implement the Digital Enterprise concept in CROC’s cloud," said Evgeny Grudinin, Deputy Director General for IT, Grain Holding.

Before moving the customer’s infrastructure and IT systems, CROC Cloud Services performed an audit, provided consultations on architectural solutions, and then ran functional and load tests over a period of two months, thus eliminating any challenges that could arise in the course of IT infrastructure migration and further operation in the cloud. As a result, all key IT systems were launched in the cloud within one weekend.

"Grain Holding took a comprehensive approach to revising its business development strategy, with a focus on IT. With an integrated plan, covering resource consolidation and outsourcing, businesses can unlock additional growth opportunities, which is especially important for a manufacturing enterprise looking to develop its digital services," said Maxim Berezin, Development Director, CROC Cloud Services.

About Grain Holding

Grain Holding has been providing bread and flour products since 1997, with its mission being to keep traditional Russian recipes alive. Focused on eco-friendly, affordable and high-quality products, the company leverages advanced equipment, innovative technologies, and only the best organic ingredients.

About CROC Cloud Services

CROC Cloud Services is a standalone CROC business unit that offers cloud services, managed В2В services, and commercial off-the-shelf products. The unit specializes in hosting and supporting business-critical customer services based on CROC’s proprietary platform and data centers, which are compliant with Uptime Institute Tier III “Gold Certification of Operational Sustainability” standard. In addition, the company is one of Russia’s Top 6 IaaS providers and No. 1 in cloud service quality (CNews, 2020), as well as the most mature cloud service provider (TAdviser, 2018), offering the number one cloud platform in terms of flexibility and ease of use (TAdviser, 2017). Consequently, over 550 industry leaders entrust their services to CROC Сloud.

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Crocs Speeds Up 1С:ERP in CROC Cloud
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