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Teradata Launches Digital Marketing Center in CROC's Cloud

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Teradata, the big data analytics and marketing applications company, has launched its Digital Marketing Center (DMC) in CROC’s cloud, thus helping DMC customers with business operations in Russia to extend their email marketing campaigns to Russian consumers while complying with a new Russian law which regulates the collection and usage of Russian citizens’ personal data.

DMC is the digital marketing platform in the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud. According to Teradata, the main reason behind the migration of the Digital Marketing Center is to ensure compliance with new amendments to the law on personal data. This law came into effect on September 1, 2015, and explicitly includes parameters for registering, storing, updating, and searching for such personal data.

By migrating its product to CROC’s cloud located in Russia, Teradata can now easily scale DMC for the customers’ benefit while guaranteeing compliance with the new Russian law. The easy-to-scale capacities also set the stage for DMC users to grow with Teradata’s solutions in the future. «The new Russian law creates an opportunity for companies doing business in Russia to leverage digital marketing technology to drive revenue. This is why Teradata Marketing Applications, together with our partner CROC, have built up the technical capabilities for our DMC customers. Customers doing business in Russia will quickly realize the benefits of our cloud solution and at the same time be in compliance with the new legislation,» said Volker Wiewer, Vice President, International Region, Teradata Marketing Applications.

«The volume of consumption of our cloud resources has increased by about 35%, partly due to the new law on storing personal data on Russian servers. Customers select the cloud because it allows for the quick migration of IT systems. In our experience, the migration takes from a few days to a maximum of a month, does not require the purchase of additional equipment, and yet gives customers high reliability and guaranteed performance,» said Maxim Berezin, Director of Virtual Data Center, CROC.

About CROC Cloud Services

CROC Cloud Services is a standalone CROC business unit that offers cloud services, managed В2В services, and commercial off-the-shelf products. The unit specializes in hosting and supporting business-critical customer services based on CROC’s proprietary platform and data centers, which are compliant with Uptime Institute Tier III “Gold Certification of Operational Sustainability” standard. In addition, the company is one of Russia’s Top 6 IaaS providers and No. 1 in cloud service quality (CNews, 2020), as well as the most mature cloud service provider (TAdviser, 2018), offering the number one cloud platform in terms of flexibility and ease of use (TAdviser, 2017). Consequently, over 550 industry leaders entrust their services to CROC Сloud.

About Teradata

Teradata (NYSE: TDC) helps companies get maximum value from data. Teradata’s leading portfolio of big data analytic solutions, integrated marketing applications, and services can help organizations gain a sustainable competitive advantage with data. Please visit

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20 may 2021
Crocs Speeds Up 1С:ERP in CROC Cloud
Russian branch of Crocs, Inc., a world leader in comfortable casual footwear for women, men and children, now leverages CROC Cloud to ensure reliability and high performance of its 1C and some infrastructure services. Moreover, CROC Cloud hosts the retailer's testing environments for several outside IT development teams. This flexible and scalable cloud platform helps accelerate and improve product roll-out and manage costs by team.
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15 december 2020
CROC Cloud puts Dostavista delivery service on the fast track
Dostavista, an international delivery service, has chosen CROC Cloud as the keystone of its business operations in Russia, thus ensuring fast response to changing customer demands. Now, the cloud provider hosts all customer infrastructure, including the portal for Dostavista service users to place orders.
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12 november 2020
ECCO Hosts Business Critical Services in CROC’s Hybrid Cloud
ECCO in Russia has consolidated most of its infrastructure and business-critical services in CROC’s hybrid cloud. A combination of public resources and colocation provides the desired flexibility, streamlines IT administration, and optimizes service support costs.
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15 september 2020
CROC Cloud Helps Stockmann's Online Store Satisfy Growing Customer Demand
Fashion retailer Stockmann leverages CROC Cloud to support its online store, which is visited by more than a million shoppers daily. Focused on website uptime and fewer maintenance costs, the retailer opted for CROC Cloud. Moreover, the customer estimated that using its own resources to maintain computing infrastructure would cost dramatically more than outsourcing. 
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11 june 2020
CROC Cloud Services and itelligence Help Pharmstandard Halve SAP System Support Costs
Pharmstandard, Russia's largest pharmaceutical manufacturer, has decided to migrate its critical SAP business systems to CROC Cloud Services data center. Moving ERP, warehouse management, production planning, analytical data storage, and forecasting systems to a new site cut outsourced infrastructure maintenance costs in half. Design, procurement, equipment commissioning, test migrations and, finally, the launch of services in a new data center were completed in a record-breaking period of three months, when it usually takes at least half a year.
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21 april 2020
CROC Cloud Services Helps MIEM HSE Ensure Uninterrupted Education during Lockdown
Thanks to CROC Cloud, HSE Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (MIEM HSE) has successfully switched to remote teaching. Virtual classrooms were deployed within just one week and are now being used every day for the Institute’s entire educational process, maintaining pace and productivity at its usual level.
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