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Tretyakov Gallery Becomes Even More Visitor-Friendly with a New Cloud Contact Center

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The State Tretyakov Gallery has launched a cloud contact center with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) subsystem. Now, callers can not only promptly reach agents via a single phone number, but also obtain information about museum exhibitions, ticket prices, and open hours on their own. The project was completed by CROC in just a few business days and resulted in a dramatic increase in the number of calls processed by the contact center.

Thanks to the functionality of CROC’s cloud, callers can be sure that each and every one of their calls will be accepted, with the museum now being able to effectively process calls, provide information via IVR, check the quality of consultations, collect statistics on user interests, and much more.

«We want our guests to be able to easily reach us. The Tretyakov Gallery holds many exhibitions and scientific and educational events, and we therefore receive hundreds of calls every day about everything, from booking a guided tour to participation in joint Russian and foreign projects. CROC helped us promptly create a contact center capable of providing high-quality information and consultation services,» said Tatyana Mrdulyash, Deputy Director General for Development, State Tretyakov Gallery.

Thanks to IVR functionality, callers can obtain information about museum operation by pressing a phone key corresponding to a subject they are interested in (e.g. tickets or exhibition working time). If a caller has any additional questions, they will be transferred to an agent. The cloud contact center has nine agents who process 7,000+ calls every month, with the conversation recording subsystem being used to evaluate agent consultation quality.

In addition, the reporting system enables a contact center supervisor to access information about every agent in real time, including the number of processed calls, average conversation duration, response waiting time, and much more, and thus monitor agent performance and effectively manage agent load. The reporting system also analyzes call topics to identify the most popular exhibitions and expos in order to bring the IVR subsystem in line with people’s interests and get them more involved in museum projects.

«Our customer service operations required quick installation of a fully-functional contact center. Naturally, such a technologically complex solution cannot be created from scratch in just a few days and without any additional resources. We like the cloud-based service model proposed by CROC because it provides us with a turn-key contact center as a managed service under a clear SLA,» noted Dmitry Moshkov, Head of Digital and Information Technology Practice, State Tretyakov Gallery.

The cloud contact center is provided to the State Tretyakov Gallery as a managed service for a monthly fee, with CROC’s highly qualified specialists being fully responsible for its development, management, and technical support on a 24/7 basis.

«The physical infrastructure of a contact center is not only very expensive and subject to degradation over time, but also faces soaring loads as the number of customers increases. Not every company can afford an infrastructure upgrade, especially during a crisis. Such customers can benefit from a cloud service that is easy to manage and scale, while cloud contact center as a managed service is even more convenient as it provides customers with access to both infrastructure and IT specialists without extra cost,» added Svetlana Vrublevskaya, Deputy Director of Telecom Department for Services, CROC.

CROC’s portfolio of Managed Services comprises 50+ business communication, business, ICT infrastructure management and operation, and business continuity and security services, many of which can be deployed in just a few days.

20 may 2021
Crocs Speeds Up 1С:ERP in CROC Cloud
Russian branch of Crocs, Inc., a world leader in comfortable casual footwear for women, men and children, now leverages CROC Cloud to ensure reliability and high performance of its 1C and some infrastructure services. Moreover, CROC Cloud hosts the retailer's testing environments for several outside IT development teams. This flexible and scalable cloud platform helps accelerate and improve product roll-out and manage costs by team.
2 minutes
15 december 2020
CROC Cloud puts Dostavista delivery service on the fast track
Dostavista, an international delivery service, has chosen CROC Cloud as the keystone of its business operations in Russia, thus ensuring fast response to changing customer demands. Now, the cloud provider hosts all customer infrastructure, including the portal for Dostavista service users to place orders.
2 minutes
12 november 2020
ECCO Hosts Business Critical Services in CROC’s Hybrid Cloud
ECCO in Russia has consolidated most of its infrastructure and business-critical services in CROC’s hybrid cloud. A combination of public resources and colocation provides the desired flexibility, streamlines IT administration, and optimizes service support costs.
2 minutes
15 september 2020
CROC Cloud Helps Stockmann's Online Store Satisfy Growing Customer Demand
Fashion retailer Stockmann leverages CROC Cloud to support its online store, which is visited by more than a million shoppers daily. Focused on website uptime and fewer maintenance costs, the retailer opted for CROC Cloud. Moreover, the customer estimated that using its own resources to maintain computing infrastructure would cost dramatically more than outsourcing. 
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11 june 2020
CROC Cloud Services and itelligence Help Pharmstandard Halve SAP System Support Costs
Pharmstandard, Russia's largest pharmaceutical manufacturer, has decided to migrate its critical SAP business systems to CROC Cloud Services data center. Moving ERP, warehouse management, production planning, analytical data storage, and forecasting systems to a new site cut outsourced infrastructure maintenance costs in half. Design, procurement, equipment commissioning, test migrations and, finally, the launch of services in a new data center were completed in a record-breaking period of three months, when it usually takes at least half a year.
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21 april 2020
CROC Cloud Services Helps MIEM HSE Ensure Uninterrupted Education during Lockdown
Thanks to CROC Cloud, HSE Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (MIEM HSE) has successfully switched to remote teaching. Virtual classrooms were deployed within just one week and are now being used every day for the Institute’s entire educational process, maintaining pace and productivity at its usual level.
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