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UNISTREAM Leverages CROC’s Cloud to Improve Information System Reliability

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UNISTREAM Bank has migrated its IT infrastructure to CROC’s Virtual Data Center and now enjoys a more reliable transaction system, fault-tolerance of business-critical systems thanks to a distributed platform, and an agile IT infrastructure, while also reducing operational risks and additional equipment expenses.

UNISTREAM’s IT systems are deployed in a cloud based on CROC’s data center, which is certified by the Uptime Institute for compliance with Tier III «Gold Certification of Operational Sustainability» and guaranteed availability of 99.982%. This cloud adoption project allowed UNISTREAM Bank to improve reliability and performance of resource intensive databases and applications.

Given the specific nature of payment system business processes, CROC’s cloud will enable UNISTREAM to extend computing capacity during peak holiday periods, when the number of transactions grows. In addition, the bank can use Virtual Data Center resources to test new business systems and automate certain business lines without extra IT equipment procurement costs.

«The cloud migration project resulted in a reliable platform with large computing capacity potential and well-developed infrastructure to ensure backup and disaster tolerance. As a result, UNISTREAM Bank now has a solid IT base to pursue its business strategy,»

said Alexey Emelyanov, Head of Information Technology Function, UNISTREAM Bank.

«Banks remain one of our main customers with regard to demand for cloud services, and are also the best prepared businesses for cloud technology adoption. Thanks to cooperation with UNISTREAM’s team of IT professionals at every stage of the migration process, CROC specialists completed the project within a tight timeframe and without stopping key business processes,» said Maxim Berezin, Head of CROC’s Virtual Data Center.


UNISTREAM Bank is the operator and settlement center for the payment system of the same name and the leading money transfer player in Russia and the CIS. Today, along with its traditional focus on money transfers, UNISTREAM also offers its customers a wide range of convenient and reliable payment services in order to meet the daily needs of both individuals and legal entities.

The UNISTREAM International Money Transfer System operates in 200 countries through more than 280,000 service points, including self-service terminals. UNISTREAM has its own network in Greece, the United Kingdom, and Cyprus, and works with more than 400 financial institutions worldwide. Furthermore, since February 25, 2015, the company has also been recognized by the Bank of Russia as a Payment System of National Significance.

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About CROC

CROC was established in 1992 and has been operating in the Russian IT market for over 26 years, ranking among the top 10 IT companies and top 5 consulting businesses in Russia (Expert Rating Agency, 2017) for over 10 years. Moreover, in 2016, the company was among the top 3 Russian IT service (IDC, TAdviser, 2017), systems integration (IDC, 2017), and IaaS (CNews, 2017) providers.

CROC is the number one Russian IT service provider to the energy and manufacturing (Manufacturing Management portal, 2017) and healthcare (CNews, 2017) sectors, and ranks among the top 3 IT service providers to transportation companies (CNews, 2017).

CROC enables digital transformation with its blockchain, Big Data, VR/AR, AI, IoT, and BIM implementations. The company has been evolving Russia's first open-source cloud for almost 10 years since 2009 and is the only systems integrator in the country to operate its own fault-tolerant data centers, which boast Tier III Gold Certification of Operational Sustainability from the Uptime Institute. CROC offers cloud and managed B2B services based on its data centers, including IT infrastructure provisioning and management, creation of cloud-based security operations centers, deployment of video and Wi-Fi analytics for marketing needs, and HR process automation.

CROC’s key competences also include integrated platforms for interstate and interagency interaction; development of software and hardware solutions, mobile apps, and digital platforms for communication with customers; data protection and information security solutions; IT support and IT outsourcing; industrial solutions; large contact centers; networks and communication solutions; Digital Signage; computing suites; data storage optimization; and BIM-enabled engineering infrastructures for buildings and data centers.

CROC develops the Innovation Accelerator to create and fine-tune its proprietary new products and cloud services of potential partners. To streamline customer digital transformation, CROC launched a Digital Enabler service for end-to-end agile engineering and roll-out of unique digital processes, as well as established a consulting force to help customers develop digital products that meet end user needs and shape new digital businesses.

For more information, please contact CROC PR team.

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