Streamline remote work with virtual desktops that have necessary software installed and are based on Uveon’s Termidesk, a VDI solution of Russian origin

Key features

Fast deployment

Fast deployment

Prompt provisioning and adding of ready-to-use virtual desktops for any use term of your choice
Cost optimization

Cost optimization

Predictable VDI-related costs and up to 30% reduction in office rent payments
Time tracking

Time tracking

Specialized software that tracks employees’ actions and thus increases the remote work efficiency
Secure operation

Secure operation

Secure and monitored VPN connection for remote workers, encryption in compliance with Russian GOST standard as an option
Centralized management

Centralized management

Centralized management of both VDI infrastructure and separate virtual desktops
Import substitution support

Import substitution support

Uveon VDI software is listed in the Russian Software Register and compatible with Russian builds of Astra Linux, ROSA Linux, etc.

Use cases

Remote workers and branches

Employees increasingly more often work remotely due to lockdown restrictions or other reasons. At the same time, corporations operate many small offices across the country. In this case, VDI enables employees to get a secure remote access to corporate resources from any devices.

Call center

VDI is still a top choice for call centers, with virtual desktops providing the same tools to all remote agents and improving their performance.

Access for contractors

Secure integration of heterogeneous third party devices is often a challenge when it comes to outsourcing projects. Thanks to VDI, you get a protected environment that can be accessed from any device.

Support of graphical applications

Graphical applications are compute-intensive, and therefore supporting them might become a burden for business. Advanced VDI solutions are a good option for graphic design, engineering design and other similar applications.
Is VDI deployed in a public or private cloud?
VDI can be deployed in both public and private cloud based on CROC’s Kompressor Data Center awarded Uptime Institute TIER III Gold Certification of Operational Sustainability.
What solutions do you employ for VDI?
We use Termidesk by Uveon, a Russian vendor, to virtualize desktops in CROC Cloud. As an option, we can deploy HaaS-based virtual desktops in such infrastructures as VMware Horizon or Citrix Virtual Desktops.
How shall I pay?
We use pay-as-you-go method. The amount of payment depends on the number of instances deployed for running virtual desktops, and their parameters.
What OSs do virtual desktops support?
VDI supports various versions of Microsoft Windows and those based on GNU/Linux core such as CentOS, Debian, ALT Workstation, Astra Linux, ROSA Linux and more.
How is pre-installed software licensed?
Software pre-installed on Windows virtual desktops is licensed in compliance with SPLA.
What types of connection are available?
Virtual desktops can be accessed securely from anywhere via VPN. In addition, we can arrange a dedicated L2/L3 channel if you need a tighter integration of virtual desktops with your corporate network infrastructure.

CROC Cloud May Update

You can now create snapshots from volume versions, increase volume size in Kubernetes and filter resources by main parameters.

Automatically scale with the new Auto Scaling Groups

This new service allows you to automatically adapt to load changes by adding or deleting instances in a few minutes.

Introducing Launch Templates and Related API Methods

Launch templates streamline the launch of instances of the same type and minimize the risk of configuration errors when deploying them.


Volume Versions, а New Feature of CROC Cloud

CROC Cloud introduces a new feature, Volume Versions, that you can use to restore your volume content instantly to the original disk.

Integrated database monitoring and other CROC Cloud updates

We would like to share our latest updates and some immediate plans.

Ansible Dynamic Inventory support and other update of CROC Cloud

You can now deploy Kubernetes clusters version 1.20.9 in the CROC Cloud. 
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