Infrastructure monitoring

Infrastructure monitoring

Remote health and performance monitoring of cloud, virtual, and physical resources using Zabbix

Key benefits

Complete hardware monitoring

Complete hardware monitoring

This service helps monitor the health of servers, storage, networks, and engineering subsystems, including managed UPS, PDU, and air conditioning systems.
End-to-end diagnostics

End-to-end diagnostics

Information systems health monitoring, from OS level down to storage disks.
Notifications at your fingertips

Notifications at your fingertips

Get notifications of errors or threshold violations via e-mail, messenger, and event logging in CROC Jira.
Proactive monitoring

Proactive monitoring

Detecting components in critical state allows you to prevent serious failures in your ICT infrastructure.


Monitoring parameters, e.g. set of metrics to be monitored or data collection frequency, can be tailored based on the customer’s internal regulations.
Intuitive dashboards

Intuitive dashboards

Event details are available in real time via the web interface. Customers can use both typical and custom dashboards.

Use cases

Cloud resources monitoring

Critical infrastructure increasingly often goes cloud. Our service can monitor cloud resource health in both CROC Cloud and other vendors’ clouds. To do so, virtual machines need to have Zabbix monitoring agents installed.

HaaS monitoring

When you rent equipment, we take full responsibility for its monitoring, so you don’t have to worry about it. Additional monitoring of operating systems and virtual environment is negotiable.

Data center monitoring

If your resources or competence are not enough to organize monitoring, we’ll be happy to help you with equipment monitoring at any site, whether it is your own data center or co-location in a third-party data center.
What metrics do you monitor?
Generally, health, performance, capacity, and inventory data are collected. The specific set of collected metrics is determined in a monitoring template connected to a monitoring object. The system has templates for almost all mainstream equipment.

Custom templates are also available. Furthermore, the predefined templates use parameterization of threshold values, so that users can set their own thresholds for a group of devices or a particular device.
What infrastructure components can be monitored?
The service helps you organize monitoring of the main infrastructure components and infrastructure software: servers, network equipment, storage, including various libraries and backup devices, operating systems, hypervisors, and databases.

Any engineering equipment — managed PDU, UPS, and air conditioning systems — can also be connected to the service if supporting SNMP. Additionally, Thermoscope service offers room temperature control.
What tools do you use for monitoring?
The service is based on the current Zabbix LTS version; its core is deployed in CROC Cloud. Metrics are visualized using Grafana software. If log analysis is requested, we use the ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana) stack.
How often are statistics collected?
Data collection intervals can be configured in line with user requirements. Health data is usually recorded every three minutes, capacity and performance, every five minutes, and inventory data, once in an hour.
For how long do you retain the collected data?
There are two types of statistics here: raw and aggregated data. The former are collected directly from equipment, the latter derive from calculating the minimum, average, and maximum values for an hour interval. Each has its own retention time: three months for raw data and three years for aggregated data.
How can I see monitoring data?
Zabbix and Grafana have their own web interfaces. A user gets a personal account where events and dashboards can be viewed. The list of events can also be accessed via a telegram bot.
How does notification work?
Malfunction or threshold violation notifications can be delivered via e-mail and telegram chat and logged in CROC Jira. If agreed, notifications can also be sent via messengers, Slack and Discord, for example, and routed to user helpdesk and Jira.
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