Dedicated infrastructure lease (HaaS)

Dedicated infrastructure lease (HaaS)

IT infrastructure customized to your needs in CROC data center

Key features

Optimal infrastructure for your tasks

Optimal infrastructure for your tasks

You get a hardware-and-software complex (servers, storage systems, network infrastructure, system software, and virtualization platform) designed especially for your tasks. We offer a wide choice of hardware vendors: AMD, Cisco, Dell EMC, Hitachi, HPE, IBM, NetApp, Intel, and Oracle. Support of VMware, the most popular platform in on-premise infrastructures, makes the migration to HaaS infrastructure quick and easy.
Custom-tailored hardware configurations

Custom-tailored hardware configurations

A team of specialists with 20+ year-experience in creating complex infrastructures will handle your project. We employ best practices to design and select solutions for your infrastructure.
High-quality service

High-quality service

Your infrastructure is maintained by a team of 25 certified engineers. We support you 24x7 in line with SLA level of 99.95% availability. We will be a single point of contact for you in any difficult situation. We will promptly replace failed equipment from our SPTA stock.
Infrastructure administration

Infrastructure administration

You can use our optional hardware and virtualization platform administration service.
Colocation in a certified data center or on-premise installation

Colocation in a certified data center or on-premise installation

Hardware is colocated in a Tier III Operational Sustainability Gold data center certified according to the Uptime Institute international standards. On-premise installation is also available.
Reliable protection

Reliable protection

Your resources are isolated from other hardware in the data center and used for your tasks only. To ensure resource security, various information protection tools are used, such as firewalls, antivirus software, security scanners, WAFs, and DDoS protection.
Cost savings

Cost savings

HaaS helps you save on purchasing on-premise hardware and reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by 20% over three-year period. We offer hardware from leading vendors at attractive prices.
Treating HaaS as capital expenditures

Treating HaaS as capital expenditures

You will be able to convert IT costs to capital expenditures (CAPEX), while still paying monthly operating charges (OPEX).

Use cases

Business-critical application and service hosting

HaaS offers the optimal hardware and system software configuration for your needs, while releasing you from the costs of upgrading your own fleet and maintaining your infrastructure. Dedicated hardware can be used to host 1C, SAP, SAS, and email applications.

Personal data management

HaaS infrastructure meets Categories 1 and 2 requirements for personal data storage. It is located in a data center in Russia, thus meeting the 152-FZ requirements on the personal data storage.

Special hardware requirements

Specialized and certified hardware can be used in a HaaS infrastructure. The following servers are available for leasing: physical (non-virtualized) servers, non-standard architecture servers, and servers with GPUs for performance-demanding applications.

Stringent security requirements

An infrastructure can be built in line with stringent information security requirements. Moreover, for extra security guarantee, you can access the virtualization platform administration function.

Disaster-tolerant infrastructure

A dedicated hardware can be used to create a platform for backup and recovery of data and business services. We will develop an individual DR plan for you to ensure fault-tolerance of the entire infrastructure or individual critical blocks.

Hybrid cloud

HaaS infrastructure can be quickly and cost-effectively integrated with CROC public cloud resources. This can be useful to accommodate peak loads, organize backups, deploy test environments, etc.
What is more cost-effective: infrastructure hosting in a public cloud or HaaS?
There is no definite answer, since everything depends on additional factors, such as HaaS lease term, load nature, and infrastructure size. However, for example, when hosting an infrastructure of 5+ servers with constant static load for 3-5 years, HaaS TCO may be lower than the cost of cloud services for the same period.
Is it possible to access the virtualization platform?
Yes. There are two options: the virtualization platform is administered by either 1) our specialists or 2) the customer.
What virtualization technologies are used?
A dedicated HaaS infrastructure can be built on virtually any virtualization platform, including VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, RHEV, etc.
Can you support not only hardware and virtualization platform, but the entire infrastructure down to the application layer?
Yes, we provide additional services to support infrastructure down to the application layer, including operating systems, databases, network, backup system, etc.
Is it possible to organize geographically distributed HaaS infrastructure?
Yes, CROC has three independent data centers, which allows for the “stretching” of HaaS infrastructure across several data centers and building HA/DR solutions.
How long will it take to scale the HaaS infrastructure?
In line with HaaS design best practices, we provide for a 20-30% hardware reserve for infrastructure expansion or peak load accommodation. If significant scaling is required, its duration will be determined by the hardware delivery time.
Is it possible to encage the HaaS infrastructure inside data center?
What customer's site-to-HaaS connectivity options exist?
These options include connection via the Internet, establishment of a direct point-to-point link, L2/L3 connectivity, dark fiber lease, etc. Links can be optionally protected using various tools: DDoS protection, web application firewall (WAF), link encryption according to GOST, firewalling, etc.
From what lease term does the HaaS service become the most cost-effective as compared to purchasing your own equipment?
Our experience shows that economically optimal lease term is three years and more.

CROC Cloud May Update

You can now create snapshots from volume versions, increase volume size in Kubernetes and filter resources by main parameters.

CROC Cloud Gets Faster with NVIDIA GPUs

CROC Cloud Services now offers NVIDIA GPUs to drastically accelerate computing-intensive jobs. GPU-as-a-Service is based on VM instances with NVIDIA GPU and billed monthly on the pay-as-you-go model. Users are fully supported 24/7.

Automatically scale with the new Auto Scaling Groups

This new service allows you to automatically adapt to load changes by adding or deleting instances in a few minutes.

Introducing Launch Templates and Related API Methods

Launch templates streamline the launch of instances of the same type and minimize the risk of configuration errors when deploying them.


CROC Cloud Services Records Skyrocketing Number of Customer Requests

In the first two weeks of March, CROC Cloud Services received a 960% more requests YoY. With IT equipment shipments being on hold, companies seek for available means to maintain business processes and upgrade infrastructure. The customers of the five sectors account for 80% of requests, including finance (28%), IT with online service developers (17%), retail (15%), manufacturing (11%), and logistics (9%).

Volume Versions, а New Feature of CROC Cloud

CROC Cloud introduces a new feature, Volume Versions, that you can use to restore your volume content instantly to the original disk.
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