Private cloud

Private cloud

On-premise platform, scalable and elastic as public cloud, allowing you to manage resources on your own, keep full control over the infrastructure and enjoy rich customization opportunities

Key features



Creating private cloud, we keep in mind your tasks, cybersecurity regulations, and network infrastructure and software requirements.
Independent resource management

Independent resource management

Private cloud portal makes necessary resources available to users one click away without involving system administrators or long approval processes.
Automated management

Automated management

Computing and data storage resources, as well as network-to-network access, are configured and provisioned automatically via a software platform.
IT service catalogue

IT service catalogue

Private cloud resources are provided as services, which are described, classified and kept updated in the relevant catalogue.


The billing system measures provisioned capacity and related expenses, with per-hour/per-month/fixed billing rates being available.
Consulting and implementation

Consulting and implementation

CROC’s integrated projects may include private cloud design and deployment, as well as management and technology consulting.
Service and support

Service and support

We provide technical support of private cloud hardware and software via a single point of contact, administer equipment, system and special software, and monitor the platform health and performance, ensuring high quality of service in compliance with customized SLA.

Use cases

Fast resource provisioning for digitalization projects

Automated provisioning and user-friendly interface help get private cloud resources in a few minutes instead of days or weeks like in case of traditional IT infrastructure.

Accelerated development of proprietary digital products

Private cloud infrastructure seamlessly integrates with development tools, creating a unified pipeline for continuous app building and testing. Container technology is also supported for creating microservice-based apps.

Stringent information security requirements

Private cloud guarantees strict cybersecurity compliance because its infrastructure is on premise and meets all of the data and business-critical app protection rules and requirements adopted by the customer.

Infrastructure costs optimization strategy

In the private cloud, consumption-based billing makes project-related IT service spending more transparent and encourages users to optimize resource utilization. In addition, infrastructure costs can be forecast for certain periods of time.

Consolidated IT infrastructure for geographically distributed companies

Private cloud makes it possible to unify IT service descriptions in the catalogue across all regional sites (branches, subsidiaries), as well as service delivery procedures and information security policies.

Creating an internal service provider

Private cloud helps provide IT as a service (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) to company’s business users.
How to get started
We recommend starting with an IT infrastructure survey.
What technology platforms can underlie a private cloud? How are they selected?
We create private clouds using various technological solutions. To select a perfect platform for your tasks, we compare available solutions, calculate a 5-year TCO, and finally test those having the best parameters.

A private cloud can be based on CROC Cloud (KVM), OpenStack, VMware vCloud and some others.
What private cloud consulting and implementation services do you offer?
Creation of a private cloud comprises the following stages:
  • Auditing the existing IT infrastructure and business processes
  • Selecting the optimal cloud platform
  • Designing the private cloud architecture
  • Installing and integrating the cloud platform with the existing IT infrastructure and information systems
  • Creating an IT service catalogue
  • Developing a financial model to calculate the cost of private cloud services
  • Consulting on business process reorganization
Why reorganize business processes when creating a private cloud?
Implementing a private cloud modifies existing business processes and gives birth to some new ones that are necessary for the company to fully benefit from IT as a service. CROC provides management and technology consulting on how to reorganize and thus adapt business processes to private cloud.
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