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CROC's Cloud Services Powered by Microsoft Technology

CROC's proprietary Virtual Data Center allows for the integration with various cloud technologies, thus expanding the company's service portfolio. Microsoft global expertise advances the offering for major and medium businesses to a totally new level and allows us to provide: MS IaaS, "Year-Round Business" and SQL Server.

Target market

MS IaaS and Year-Round Business services are targeted at major and medium businesses which:

  • currently use Microsoft Azure or Microsoft Office 365 and would like to remain within a Microsoft ecosystem but are looking to adopt Russian cloud services in order to comply with the Russian legislation
  • use Hyper-V virtualization and would like to outsource the virtual environment
  • use old versions of Microsoft Exchange, Lync and SharePoint products and are looking to update them through, for example, the adoption of cloud provider's services
  • use Microsoft Exchange, Lync and SharePoint and are looking to outsource these services, in whole or in part
How to order

14-day trial access is free of charge. To gain trial access and receive a service cost estimate, please send a request to CROC's manager.


MS IaaS means computing capacity, RAM, space in the storage system, and access to network services from a virtual environment constructed by CROC in Russia in compliance with Microsoft recommendations and best practices.

The service is available over the Internet and/or dedicated communications channels on a quarterly pay-as-you-go basis.

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Use Cases
  • VM transfer from customer's data center or Microsoft Azure to MS IaaS
  • Deployment of new high-loaded and resource-intensive services in MS IaaS, thus avoiding need for procurement of new equipment
  • Transferring of services, which are targeted at an external audience, to MS IaaS in order to make such services independent of the internal infrastructure
  • Transferring of personal data systems to CROC's secure cloud environment for proper personal data protection
  • Complete migration of servers from remote offices and branches to MS IaaS, and branch LAN integration into a cloud via an isolated network using network virtualization and Site-to-Site VPN tunnels
  • Using MS IaaS as customer's backup data center
  • Data backup from customer's data center to MS IaaS for long-term storage

"Year-Round Business"

This service is powered by Microsoft Exchange 2013, SharePoint 2013 and Skype for Business 2015 and provided on a SaaS basis: service price includes deployment and support, software licensing and cloud resources. The Year-Round Business service is provided from MS IaaS, which is based on reliable Hyper-V 2012 R2.

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"Year-Round Business" optimizes and streamlines communications between the company's employees, with a wide range of daily tasks being unified in one service:

Business class email based on Exchange 2013

Unified communications based on Skype for Business 2015

Portal solutions

Use Cases
  • Import office software substitution via user operations transfer from Microsoft Office 365 to CROC's Russian cloud solution
  • Increase in reliability of collaboration services, which are critical for efficient internal communications, thanks to SaaS delivery from CROC's fault-tolerant cloud
  • Fast and cost-efficient migration from old Exchange, Lync and SharePoint versions
  • Desktop deployment for new employees with no need for server capacity in customer’s own data center
  • Ensuring staff communications in branches
  • Office 365 Plan E4 users can enjoy Skype for Business 2015 telephony from CROC's cloud

SQL Server

CROC provides Microsoft SQL Server in a form of service enabling users to extract maximal use of DB with no additional costs.

Key advantages:

  • Highly available disaster redundant cloud infrastructure, clustered installation of Microsoft SQL Server
  • Customer requests a certain DB size and pays only for it
  • The service is approved by Microsoft for it is built in the full correspondence with vendor’s recommendations and best practices
  • All maintenance task, including patching etc. are carried out by CROC support team
  • Highly educated and experienced MS SQL database engineers and administrators certified by Microsoft are able to give a hand both in development and troubleshooting