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Virtual Data Center (Infrastructure as a Service, IaaS)

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CROC's Virtual Data Center comprises virtual computing resources (servers, disks, and networks) available via the Internet or dedicated communication channels.

The customer manages the resources on a self-service portal and thus fully controls all cloud IT services—with no need to involve a service provider for technical support and no waiting for requests for additional computing resources to be fulfilled.

In a cloud, data is not stored on local server drives. Instead, disks are created using centralized data storage systems. In particular, all-flash storage systems are available and can serve as a basis for the creation of disks with a guaranteed performance of up to 100,000 IOPS each.

  • Different Virtual Machine (VM) configurations are available: from micro instances (1/32 vCPU and 120 MB RAM) for solving small infrastructure tasks to high-performance VMs (32 vCPU and 256 GB RAM) for solving resource intensive tasks (database servers, etc.)
  • VMs are managed via a self-service portal
  • Allocation of computing resources (CPU, RAM) is guaranteed with no need for re-subscription
  • In terms of computational power, 1 vCPU is equivalent to 1 physical core of Intel Xeon x5650 2.6 GHz processor
  • The cloud is based mainly on Dell R720 (2 CPU Intel Xeon E5-2670 3.0 GHz and 64-256GB RAM) servers
  • By default, customer VMs run in High Availability mode. Since customer VM data is not stored on local drives, all VMs that were running on a failed server are re-launched on servers available on the cloud platform and start using data stored within the data storage system
  • VM start, stop, and deletion, as well as data center selection for VM to start in are performed via a self-service portal
  • VMs with preinstalled Microsoft, Cisco, Red Hat, Citrix, and Oracle software (both system and application) are available. This software is provided under respective vendor subscription programs