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Backup as a Service (BaaS)

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CROC offers Backup as a Service (BaaS) from its own Virtual Data Center. BaaS helps ensure data security in case of any emergency at the customer’s site.

BaaS Benefits:

  • Fault-tolerant remote storage of backup copies, no hardware on site, and reduction in capital expenditure
  • Minimized amount of IT staff required for backup system administration
  • Flexible system setup in accordance with current backup data volume, with complete management of backup costs

Basic usage scenarios

    Local protection within customer's own data center

    Remote protection and archiving of customer's data within CROC's cloud storage

    Desktop protection in CROC's cloud

    CROC's Solutions

    CROC deploys backup systems in the cloud based on EMC Avamar and CommVault Simpana products. These solutions are known for de-duplication technology, which allows for a reduction in channel operation costs. Less capacity is required as each backup session only covers data blocks that have actually been changed. This approach thus dramatically reduces the volume of the daily full backups in comparison with the volume of productive data.

    EMC Avamar Benefits:

    • An optimum solution for customers who wish to dramatically reduce data transfer volumes
    • Data transfer via any channel thanks to effective global deduplication on block and variable-length segment levels
    • With smart deduplication, each backup is complete and customers can thus quickly locate data and run recovery
    • Improved data security thanks to multiuser mode and two-level encryption
    • Guaranteed data security thanks to multi-layer data protection and disk(s) physically located within CROC's secure data center
    • System recovery at any time thanks to daily data check-ups
    • In many cases, accelerated data recovery thanks to highly efficient deduplication and Change Block Tracking technology - EMC Avamar is therefore ideal for virtual environment backup
    • Source based global deduplication offers the highest level of performance and reduces traffic when sending data to CROC's cloud

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    CommVault Simpana Benefits:

    • Impressive "all in one" functionality includes data backup, archiving and indexing
    • A single solution can be used for virtual, physical, and heterogeneous environments
    • Native support of virtually all operating systems, data bases and applications, including industrial solutions such as SAP ERP, HANA, EMC Documentum, and Oracle DBMS
    • Front-end licensing enables flexible overall cost management
    • Both source and target based deduplication saves resources on data transfer and storage
    • Archiving of rarely used data frees up primary storage space and increases production system scalability
    • Indexing enables all users to quickly access data while data finding and recovering can be performed through a user-friendly internal search engine
    • The combination of backup and archiving within one pass thanks to Simpana OnePass technology reduces time and infrastructure requirements by half

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