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Billing Virtual Data Center

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  • No minimum requirements regarding bookings for computing resources at the beginning of the reporting period
  • No advance payments
  • Post-payment
  • Servers, disks, and file storage space are accounted for and billed on a per-hour basis
  • Billing is based on the selected configuration of a virtual server (without considering current utilization profile) and the template (image) used for the server launch
  • If a server was created from CROC's template that included licensed software (Microsoft Windows, Red Hat) then billing will be at a higher rate that includes royalties payable to the respective software vendors
  • There are three modes of server billing based on server status:
    • If the server is on, then billing will include the cost of the selected server configuration, disk space, network traffic, and external IP address
    • If the server is off, then information from the system disk and all additional disks is stored in a centralized data repository. Billing will only include the use cost of disk space
    • If the server is removed, then the system disk is also removed automatically. In this case, billing will only include the use cost of all additional disks until they are removed manually