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To connect to CROC's cloud, you can use or combine three methods:

  • External IP address assigned to a server
  • Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)
  • Network-to-network connection (Ipsec VPN, OpenVPN)

The most used connection option is two IPsec VPN tunnels with BGP routing between them. This off-the-shelf connection option provides a fault-tolerant connection to the platform.

Today, 15 telecom carriers can provide dedicated point-to-point or Internet channels at CROC's data centers, while CROC has its own channels to МSK IX.

Dedicated channels are connected to the customer's physical network equipment co-located in CROC's data center or its software equivalents such as Cisco CSR, etc. Customers may either own this equipment themselves, or rent it from CROC.