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We offer our flexible, reliable, and high-performance cloud on a pay-per-use model that already helps 300+ Russian and international companies effectively optimize IT costs for services with dynamic load, promptly launch new projects without purchasing equipment, back up critical data, and streamline IT function administration by outsourcing support processes to a cloud provider.

Cloud benefits:

Business owner/CEO

CROC’s cloud drives digital transformation 24×7 by flexibly and timely responding to the business strategy and meeting the needs of next-generation customers;

Ability to start a project, startup, or a business practice (call center, etc.) in just a few days;

Ability to focus on core business development and strategically important tasks by dropping the dead weight of obsolete infrastructure and outsourcing support for non-core assets.


Secure cloud infrastructure certified for compliance with PCI DSS and ISO 27001 and licensed by the Russian Ministry of Communications and Mass Media (certified billing);

High performance ensured by the strictest SLA on the market;

Disaster tolerance guaranteed by geographically distributed data centers;

99.95% availability;

Easy-to-use self-service portal, compatibility with Amazon Web Services API, per-hour billing;

24×7 technical support, custom-tailored service maintenance, proactive problem resolution.


IT expenditure moved from CAPEX to OPEX;

Predictable and transparent IT investment planning;

Easy and quick infrastructure upgrades .


  • Extensive expertise accumulated over 26 years in the Russian IT market and nine years in the cloud segment;
  • Transparent control over consumed resources (pay-per-use, per-hour billing, no prepayment or minimum consumption volume);
  • Any combination of physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures;
  • Guaranteed IT infrastructure recovery time;
  • Own data centers certified by the Uptime Institute for compliance with TIER III requirements.

CROC’s cloud computing resources

1) Servers

CROC offers virtual machines (VMs) with flexible scalability (up to 384 GB RAM) and hosting in the cloud based on two distributed data centers. VMs are highly available by default and are re-launched on free platform servers in the case of equipment failures. Moreover, CROC also offers VMs with preinstalled system and application Microsoft, Cisco, SAP HANA, Red Hat, Citrix, and Oracle software provided under respective vendor subscription programs.

2) Disks

CROC offers virtual disks based on all-flash data storage (guaranteed performance of 400 to 10,000 IOPS) and HDD storage without performance guarantee.

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3) Networks

Self-service portal allows creating the required number of isolated virtual L2 networks with L3 connectivity:

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Clear and predictable payment for consumed cloud resources, using the system certified by the Russian Ministry of Communications and Mass Media.

CROC’s cloud billing features:

  • No minimum requirements regarding bookings for computing resources at the beginning of the reporting period;
  • No advance payments;
  • Postpayment;
  • Work paid in rubles;
  • Servers, disks, and file storage space are accounted for and billed on a per-hour basis;
  • Billing is based on the selected configuration of a virtual server (without considering current utilization profile) and the template (image) used for the server launch;
  • If a server was created from CROC’s template that included licensed software (Microsoft Windows, Red Hat) then billing will be at a higher rate that includes royalties payable to the respective software vendors;
  • There are three modes of server billing based on server status:
    • If server is turned on then charges are based on the selected server configuration, disk space, network traffic, and external IP address (if assigned);
    • If server is turned off then charges are based on the used disk space only;
    • If server is removed then system disk is also removed automatically. In this case, charges will be only based on all additional disks until they are removed manually.

Our projects:

Castorama online catalog hosting in CROC’s cloud

Loqui Business social network hosting in CROC’s cloud

UNISTREAM transaction system hosting in CROC’s cloud

Rusagro IT infrastructure migration to CROC’s cloud

STA Total Group warehouse management system hosting in CROC’s cloud

MediaNation partners’ corporate websites and online stores hosted in CROC’s cloud

United Energy Construction Corporation (UECC) corporate email service moved to CROC’s cloud

Teradata analytical system migration to CROC’s cloud