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Self-service portals allow for the creation of the required number of isolated virtual networks. There are two network types: managed virtual networks and virtual switches (unmanaged networks).

  • Data network is based on 56Gb InfiniBand switches, thus helping to dramatically reduce VM interaction delays
  • Software defined networks (SDN) operating over traditional equipment ensure security, flexible administration, and smart traffic management

CROC's Virtual Data Center allows users to:

  • Create any required number of isolated networks on a self-service portal
  • Manage access to these networks from other networks via different ports and protocols with the help of an integrated firewall (by default, everything is prohibited that is not permitted explicitly)
  • Use NAT service (the assignment of external static IP addresses to internal addresses) as well as routing, DNS, and DHCP services;
  • Deploy horizontal L2 networks between two CROC's cloud sites;
  • Deploy L3 networks between CROC's cloud and customer's site;
  • Create virtual switches to allow for direct L2 connection of two or more VMs.

The switches are used to organize a range of different operations, including service connections such as cluster heartbeats, which allow for the direct interconnection of two or more VMs. Connection to a switch is equivalent to the creation of an additional VM network interface.