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Efficiency Management as a Service

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KPI monitoring systems allow for a company's business and staff productivity to be analyzed, with business intelligence being visualized in a flexible graphical interface. The system comprises a model with goal charts and KPIs that can be analyzed at any scale: from federal and regional level to particular branches and employees. The system’s GUI helps the user to quickly assess the overall state of both the network and its separate objects and thoroughly examine each of them.

The organization's strategic goals are evaluated by measuring compliance with a set of relevant weighted KPIs, with the achieving of each goal being indexed at 100% and the overall score being based on a weighted average of the fulfillment of indicators being part of a particular goal. The system can also classify indicators, fulfillment of which is the responsibility of managers at certain levels, and calculate fulfilment efficiency for KPIs which are the responsibility of a particular manager.

Solution is employed to analyze main business processes and allows for supervision of:

  • Growth and development strategy fulfillment
  • Compliance with expected performance according to KPIs and balanced scorecard (BSC)
  • Efficiency of both management system and managers' performance

CROC offers its customers KPI monitoring systems which are provided as a service (SaaS) from its cloud and are specially developed for organizations from various industries such as banks, retailers, and hotels. The flexible basis of the BI solution allows for easy customization and integration with the customer's information systems. CROC specialists can also deploy a solution in a customer's private cloud. Business Intelligence as a Service allows for information access anytime and anywhere via a standard web browser, with all customer data being protected using the most advanced information security tools.

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