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Anastasia Goncharova
Head of Logistics Management Systems
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Logistics solutions based on CROC's cloud include transportation management, the establishment of flexible supply chains, and demand forecasting, and enable CROC's customers to accelerate inventory turnover, receive complete, accurate, and prompt information on all inventory flows, optimize stock level, and improve supply reliability.

The solution combines logistics automation, demand and logistics process management and consists of several modules which may be deployed either individually or together depending on the customer's needs and objectives.

  • Transportation management is based on Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) and enables users to track goods online even via mobile phones. The system allows for real time control over logistics cost effectiveness and the optimization of transportation resources, thus reducing logistics expenditure by up to 40%.
  • Supply chain management is based on the Oracle Strategic Network Optimization (SNO) business application and helps companies to select optimal goods procurement, manufacturing and distribution plans and to project necessary inventory stock to meet current and future demand.
  • Automation of supply chain management systems ensures 'What If' simulation of supply chains, formulation of production plans adjusted for various limitations, and logistic schemes optimization, which includes selecting optimal delivery, storage and manufacturing schemes.
  • Marketing and demand management is based on Oracle Demantra and helps companies forecast demand for commodity items with limited or no historical sales data, predict successful sales of new products, build product lifecycles, and make more precise forecasts of the outcomes of advertising campaigns. The service is highly scalable and capable of processing hundreds of millions of product items and generating detailed demand forecasts with maximum granularity.

CROC's logistics systems may be either provided as a service via its own Virtual Data Center or deployed in a customer's private cloud.


Transportation Logistics Management from CROC's Cloud