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IT infrastructure performance monitoring

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With cutting-edge systems, a customer can continuously monitor the performance of key business processes, systems and applications, identify degraded service elements, and promptly respond to malfunction alerts, thus ensuring fast troubleshooting. Proactive monitoring tools allow for the elimination of malfunction risks even before real failures occur in the software infrastructure.

IT units can continuously improve services following the analysis of component performance parameters based on Service Level Agreement (SLA), and customers can see how business transaction progress depends on software infrastructure. As a result, a customer benefits from better management of separate processes and business in general, prompt control over enterprise IT infrastructure parameters, and more efficient IT unit performance.

Мониторинг производительности ИТ-инфраструктуры от КРОК

CROC’s solution functionality:
  • Continuous performance monitoring and transaction performance measurement
  • Analysis of application performance data for any period, accurate to one second
  • End-to-end performance diagnostics at each stage of transaction (user level, web services, applications, cross-platform software, databases, storage systems, and virtualization level)
  • Provision of reports based on user roles (e.g. summary reports for managers and detailed reports for IT experts)
  • Automatic recommendations regarding elimination of transaction delays
  • Proactive diagnostics of performance degradation
  • Integration with enterprise monitoring systems over standard protocols such as SNMP

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model allows companies to enjoy flexible cost control and easy resource scalability and only pay for the capacity they actually use.