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Technical Support Services

CROC offers comprehensive technical support services for customer systems and applications within cloud environment: private clouds, CROC’s Virtual Data Center, or the clouds of third-party providers.

Technical support outsourcing can dramatically reduce IT infrastructure, maintenance and personnel costs. The Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a key element in the outsourcing of information system management functions. The SLA specifies the service level negotiated by the customer and contractor and measurable key performance indicators. The SLA is a flexible mechanism for service cost management, allowing for a varying level of service in line with a customer’s current business needs. The service level can have various parameters such as service availability (8x5, 24x5, 24x7), scope of service, maximum response time, etc. CROC offers its customers various service levels and a contractual option to change any of them on an ‘as needed’ basis.

CROC’s helpdesk operates on a 24/7 basis and accepts telephone and email requests both in Russian and English. Our certified technical professionals are available seven days a week, including weekends and holidays. CROC’s service desk is one of the largest and long-standing service desks in Moscow.

The service desk provides technical support for various categories of software developed by global vendors (such as BMC, EMC, IBM, HP, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Red Hat, and others).

CROC is a partner of Amazon (AWS Solution Provider) and offers technical support for customer IT infrastructures hosted on Amazon Web Services, including:

  • 1st line user support
  • Support of basic infrastructure services
  • Business systems support
  • DBMS support
  • Teamwork and collaboration systems support

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